The 2022 hair trends you need to know NOW

All bets are off – 2022 feels like a year where anything could happen. Andrea Daley, creative director at Barbara Daley Hair in Liverpool, talks us through some of her predictions for the coming year.

Octopus Hair 

Firstly I didn’t think an octopus had hair, but if it did I’d assume it would be a wet look. Well, not according to Pinterest! The online Mecca of all things trending has reported that this craze was one of the hottest pinned haircuts on mood boards for the year ahead.

Already popular in fashion-forward Japan, the octopus cut is combination between a shag and a mullet, pairing length at the back with soft, shorter, textured layers around the top and resembling the shape of its eight-limbed namesake. Early celeb adopters of the trend are Gossip Girl actress Emily Alyn Lind (who plays Audrey) and Miley Cyrus.

Skunk Hair

If you prefer your locks with fewer legs then maybe you’d like to try another animal-inspired hairdo forecast for 2022, ‘The Skunk’. Think Cruella-meets-Christina-Aguilera (in her Dirty phase, obviously). This rebellious colour trend is all about standing out from the crowd, and has already graced the cover of British Vogue for January 2022.

Embracing your inner goth, skunk hair can be as subtle or as in your face as you’re willing to go. Flashes of blonde and/or black are the perfect post-pandemic statement style that every aspiring Instagram It Girl will want this season. Look to Dua Lipa and Kristen McMenamy‘s recent Vogue UK cover for inspiration.

Y2K hair 

Let’s all meet up in the year 2000, won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown? Or so Jarvis Cocker told us. They say if you did a trend the first time round you shouldn’t be doing it again when it inevitably returns, but I say do it again… and do it better.

Y2K is a trend I knew all too well: super straight, super sleek with the odd baby braid or butterfly clip at the temples to frame the face. Over two decades on though – and with the amazing improvements in hair tools since then – this straight style is now Y2K 2.0. Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber are your celeb-spiration for this look.

The French Bob 

The final trend forecast on this annual horizon comes direct from France. Oui oui, it’s the French Bob. The bob is back and it’s shorter than it was before. Remember when you asked your stylist to cut your hair that little bit more, just in case we had another lockdown? Well fingers crossed there’s no more lockdowns, but that was actually a good trial run for what’s going to to be the hottest trend for 2022.

The French Bob is an effortlessly chic, layered cut that falls somewhere between the lip and the jaw. Works well with natural textures and straighter hair textures. Think Kaia Gerber’s big chop and Jourdan Dunn’s shorter cut, for their take on these Parisian cool girl tresses. 

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