The 2021 hair colour trends to know

While ‘new year, new you’ appointments have had to be put on pause, it’s time to brush up on some of the 2021 hair colour trends that are set to spike

While we’re languishing in another lockdown, it’s time to prep. We’ve spoken to colourists across the country about what hair colour trends they’re expecting to see in 2021…

Jordanna Cobella, Cobella London

“Lockdown has left us accepting our natural hues – think warmer tones and golden blondes. Born out of the unprecedented situation, it’s actually becoming a fully embraced trend which I predict will continue to influence hair colour in 2021. Hair condition and quality has become paramount to people, so opting for warmer blondes and balayage is great way of looking out for hair health. This golden hair glaze trend is also a nod to the 70s influence we have had in interior design and fashion recently.”

Robert Eaton, Russell Eaton Salons

“Embracing the natural – working with, enhancing and embracing everything that is beautiful about natural hair, from colour through to its texture – is a huge focus for 2021. I’m talking grey blending, glossing and conscious colour placement to enhance and accentuate every cut. We are taking our balayage techniques to the next level, working on the most subtle and tasteful ways of placing colour, making them more bespoke than ever and working with layering, blending and glossing to create the perfect colour experience.

“We are also placing a big emphasis on understanding curl patterns and how colour works within this to create luxurious, light reflective hair colour. Painted Curls is about tonally working with a colour palette that’s bespoke to each individual.”

Jennifer Linton, Linton & Mac

“We are taking inspiration from positivity and being in the now. We want 2021 to be much more positive and the best way to do that is to put out the energy you want to receive. So, we are finding inspiration from crystals, mostly Amethyst and Rose Quartz. Adding hints of mauve, rose and dusty pinks to brunette colours to change them up and give healthy, shine with an uplifting finish! After all, “fashion is a mirror of the present moment.”

Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International

“Face framing, balayage and the ring lighting hair trend will be incredibly popular as the weather gets warmer – colours that give your hair a sunkissed glow and will allow features like your eyes to really pop! These hair colour techniques are particularly great for the lifestyle we are all living at the moment where in the current pandemic we are experiencing a lot of Facetime and Zoom calls. Whether you wear your hair down or up in a bun or a ponytail, this colour really stands out and makes an impact.  Although this works great on brunettes and blondes, this hair colour technique can also be incorporated into copper hair colour, as well as bright hair colour shades and pastel hair colour shades to create even more of a stand out look.”

Tracy Hayes, Fudge Professional global head of technical training

Strong copper reds have been a strong feature in 2020, and we are not yet ready to let go, and taking inspiration from lockdown TV. Two of the most talked about shows – The Queen’s Gambit with Anya Taylor-Joy and The Undoing with Nicole Kidman – feature lead actresses both wearing soft coppers, and this tone will remain a huge influence in 2021.”

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