Sun shields for your hair

It’s not all fun in the sun – don’t forget that your hair and scalp also needs protecting from the harsh effects of UV

As pollution and global warming amp up, so does the potential damage to your skin and hair. Prolonged UV exposure, whether you’re lounging in the park in the UK or on a tropical beach, can break down hair proteins which create free radicals. These cause hair to appear much duller and weaken its physical properties, making it much more likely to break. If you have coloured hair this causes its own raft of problems – UV rays penetrate and damage the hair protein structure, inducing premature hair ageing from the inside and degrading your beautiful hair colour.

Your skin cells may regenerate but your hair doesn’t! So whether it’s your scalp burning, hair breakage or your hair colour being affected by the UV, there are plenty of reasons to incorporate SPF protection into your hair routine, not just your skincare. Stock up on these products to shield yourself, and keep your scalp and hair colour in top condition.