Summer saviours! The pros show us how to save our strands during the warmer months

The Chapel

We love summer as much as the next person, but hate how the sun, sea and chlorine can play havoc on our hair. Dry, brittle strands are never a good look when you’re island hopping or sipping cocktails on the Cote D’Azur. Here, two experts from MINDBODY and one of their salons share their summer saviours to make sure your strands stand the heat all summer long…

Summer hair saviour: Condition, condition, condition!

Using treatments on your hair in the run up to summer is a must as hair tends to dry out in the sun.

“I recommend all my clients use a deep conditioning mask frequently throughout the warmer months,” says Carla McCourt, MINDBODY expert, and head of technical and manager at Simon Smith in Chipping Norton. “Philip Kingsley’s famous Elasticizer is great for leaving hair soft and supple. For long hair, apply the Elasticizer to damp hair, braid in plaits and leave in overnight. Wash out in the morning for hair that’s ready to take on a day in the sun.”

Two stylists from MINDBODY salon, The Chapel, also advise using treatments as part of your summer prep. Stylist Paul Larter recommends the Urban Moisture range by Shu Uemura and the Redken All Soft Mega range, which is “high in moisture with added protein to strengthen and moisturise the hair”.

For dry and damaged hair, a favourite choice of The Chapel’s Zoe Walker is the Shu Uemura Silk Bloom range, which not only repairs your hair in preparation for the coming sun exposure, but also makes your hair super soft.

Summer hair saviour: Go shorter

When it comes to cuts and styling, The Chapel’s Zoe Walker recommends to consider going for the chop. “Firstly, shorter hair is easier to maintain and, secondly, thick hair over the back of your neck can act a bit like a miniature scarf,” she says.

If a chop sounds too scary, Carla recommends getting a trim at least. “Great hair always starts with a clean, fresh foundation so invest in a trim at the start of the summer to tidy up split ends. This will also make hair easier to manage.”

Summer hair saviour: Do your colour prep

With so many of us wanting to go lighter for summer, Zoe recommends beginning your ‘colour journey’ early and start gradually lifting your shade over a couple of appointments (going dark to blonde isn’t instant, no matter what Instagram tells you).

The Chapel’s Paul adds: “This should also mark the start of your colour transition, preparing the hair for the natural changes that will occur with sunlight.”

And another pro tip by Paul: “You should look to ensure that your hair is at least one shade darker than the summer shade you desire. This way, the sun can work its natural magic without over-bleaching the ends.”

Simon Smith

Summer hair saviour: Wear protection

It’s not just your skin that can burn, your hair and scalp can, too, so make sure at least one of your styling products has UV protection built in.

“UV rays cause the most environmental damage to hair, more than blow-drying and chlorine, meaning locks are left feeling frazzled and damaged,” warns Carla. “So use products with an added SPF to protect and prevent hair becoming weak and dry.”

Zoe recommends Redken’s One United Multi-Benefit Treatment as “it creates a really good UV protection barrier over your hair as well as 24 further benefits”.

For more tips and tricks to summer-proofing your hair, download the MINDBODY app and tap into a world of beauty. The bookings app makes it easy to find a salon near you that can help keep your hair looking fabulous all the way through the warmer months.

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So, get your fingers flexing – your summer hair saviour is just round the corner!