Spotted! The top three Brits hair trends

Centre parting

Gen Z have it right with this one – the centre parting was far and away the most popular choice when it came to Brits hair trends, whether it was straight ’n’ sleek like Alex Scott or Lola Young’s braided look.

Jay Birmingham worked with Alex Scott to create her luxe, long lengths using Beautyworks hair extensions and his secret weapon for red carpet hair: Color Wow’s Dream Coat. “It glides over the hair and smooths the cuticle to ensure a seamless and glass like finish once styled. My top tip when straightening hair for an occasion like this is to ensure you don’t pass the hair through the iron too many times. This can create unwanted lines in the hair, so it’s best to gloss over each piece lightly just once or twice.”

Lola Young’s look caught the eye of Luke Benson, creative ambassador for ALFAPARF Milano. “Lola Young is a really exciting artist and I loved her structured hair. A super shiny centre parted up do, incorporating plaited buns in the nape of the neck. It can be difficult to pull off such a symmetrical look but I think she’s nailed it!” he says.

Hair painting

Forget hair accessories, that’s so 2021. For 2022 stars went all-out with graphic touches of gold paint and stencilling.

Bree Runway had everyone talking with her sky-high topknot and dabs of sparking gold paint and gold leaf application to compliment her jewellery and an archived Jean Paul Gaultier dress. Her stylist @hausofshee knocked this out of the park and had us Googling hair paint in seconds. “The idea for the look was to create a style that didn’t distract from her dress, which is how we created this wispy, edgy top-knot,” she explains. “I didn’t want the gold to detract from the simplicity of the hair, but to still add something to the look. We applied gold leaf, hairspray and gilding glue, especially at the back – I didn’t want much right at the front, just small details on the ends that were pulled out. The idea was for it to be the right mix of simple, arty and elegant.”

Quirky pocket-rocket Griff can always be relied on to do something unusual with her hair and fashion, and that was no different for her Brits red carpet glitzy Battenberg style. “The looks at this year’s Brit Awards were a little underwhelming for me, but we loved Griff’s style,” say Jason Cocking and Chris Baker, owners of 4 Theatre Square Hair. “Her use of hair stencilling was quite a bold look and really stood out. Hair stencilling is going to be a big trend for 2022, we’ve seen it on celebrities and TikTok already so it’s great to see this trend filter down to the red carpet. The way the design matched her dress really complimented her overall look.”

Retro references

Source: @mayajama

There was no mistaking Maya Jama’s Cher inspiration, combining her ’70s rippling hair with an outfit calling back to THAT iconic 1986 two-piece outfit. And she wasn’t the only one, with other stars opting for looks which harkened back to classic looks.

Ashley Roberts had a serious ‘70s vibe with her intensely feathered ends and shaggy fringe, while Raye’s bouffant ‘do had us wanting to try her swinging ‘60s style ASAP.

“For me, Becky Hill stole the show with a power pony with a classic glamour edge. Adele’s beautiful, classic red carpet finish was a highlight as well,” adds Gavin McIntyre, director, of G&E McIntyres. “I noticed a lot of hair falling away or pulled away from the face, clean, polished finishes or natural texture.”

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