Spotlight Salon – Percy @Percy & Reed

This A-list favourite has unveiled the coolest members club vibe in his West London salon – what will you pop on the record player? 

Percy @Percy & Reed, London

While this isn’t a new salon, Percy @Percy & Reed experienced a rather radical but fabulous reincarnation during lockdown (all done by Percy, AKA Paul Percival, and his carpenter dad, the clever things). So, what makes it so special? Let us explain… 

It’s the details that count here. The stylist has taken his two-decade strong career styling hair on tour and backstage for music artists such as Melanie C as well as styling the label execs, and very much made it his thing at the revamped salon, knowing that experience and those contacts are very much part of his cache. “I need to own that space, that’s very much my USP,” he says. 

The remodelled interiors are very much a labour of love and it shows. “There’s something really nice about the fact that when I look around now, I know that it was us,” he says about the work with his dad. “When I go into the salon, I’m so proud of it all.” 

And so he should be, as its very much a representation of himself – the limited-edition print of his icon, David Bowie; a vintage record player and LPs (you can choose the soundtrack); the inky blue velvet sofa; even the metal shelving units straight from the ‘70s are relics scavenged from Sony Music’s offices. The vibe is very much laid-back members club with Percy at the helm, and you’re invited.  

You won’t find a reception desk when you walk in either.  “I think it’s really nice if we’re going to make it feel like somebody’s home, that it doesn’t have that standard kind of reception box area,” says Paul. 

While you’ll find his Percy & Reed products on the shelves, you’ll also be able to access adored US brand Redken, with the staff getting clever with the Instagram favourite, Shades EQ hair colour. This is definitely a club we want to join, please!