Spotlight on the Shine Band Trend

The shine band is a bit like contouring in make-up – when done right it can add incredible depth. When done wrong, it looks truly dreadful. We asked some of the UK’s top colourists for tips on what to ask for if you want to give it a try…

Steph Peckmore, colour manager, Bad Apple Hair 

“Shine bands are the perfect example of an Instagram-born trend that quickly caught on; when perfected, they look really striking in photos. Shine bands are notoriously tricky to master because colour placement needs to be incredibly accurate if you’re going to create the desired effect. Preparation is important: spend the time with your stylist to determine where you want your shine band to begin and end.”

Paul Dennison, colour director, Ken Picton Salons

“You can see in the first image how we created a subtle shine band in the fringe area here. This is a great area to place a band as it’s a real focal point in the haircut. We did this by taking a fine slice across the top section of the fringe and using a pre-lightener, painting a one inch band across, allowing to lift, then toning to soften. This gives the effect of a bend in the hair and promotes that ultra-shiny effect. In the next two take the trend much further for a really striking effect.”

Anne Veck, founder, Anne Veck Salons

“To get the perfect shine band, stylists should use their brushes vertically to avoid harsh lines, and always place it at the bevel of the head where the light would catch it naturally. This isn’t a look for curly hair types – it has to be a super smooth style so that it looks like it would be realistically reflective. A classic shine band is using lighter colour which makes the band stand out, but you can also do it with a darker colour for a subtle look.”