Skipcare for Hair

Skipcare is the latest trend making waves in K-Beauty. After years of careful layering and multi-step regimes, millennial women are embracing streamlined, simplified routines – and we’re here for it.

We can’t lie, there is something therapeutic about layering products and taking some self-care time. Equally, there are plenty of early mornings and late nights where we simply don’t have the time. Enter: Skipcare.

The latest skincare trend to come out of South Korea, Skipcare focuses on clever products which combine multiple steps into one product. Think serum-moisturiser hybrids, and sleeping masks which tone and hydrate while you sleep. “We all have the same 24 hours [in a day],” cosmetic chemist Ginger King explained to Allure magazine. “Multi-functional products cut down on time and money.” Indeed!

The same principle can be applied to hair – there’s a time and a place for layering mousse and serum and styling creams. But for daily use, a streamlined routine is what it’s all about. These multi-tasking heroes are the products that we turn to when you need a one-and-done day.

Hershesons Almost Everything Cream

Bored of shouty, insincere claims, the talented team at London’s famous Hershesons salons put their heads together to create The Almost Everything Cream. They describe it as a ‘no BS product that puts the power back in your hands’ and we’re inclined to agree. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not sure of what order to apply products because this does a bit of everything – taming strays, conditioning, defining curls, priming hair for styling, boosting shine, adding texture… you name it!

TIGI Copyright Custom Create Colour Lustre Oil

A good oil can cure a multitude of sins. This one is conditioning enough to smooth and add a glossy finish, but not so heavy that it leaves hair lank. Use on wet or dry hair, running a small amount through the lengths and ends to tame frizz, quench thirsty ends and add a luxe sheen. Basically, we’re never without it.

Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Curls Quencher Oil Milk

Styling is but one battle for curly-haired friends; reviving said style is another battle waged daily. This hydrating spray treads that fine line of oil and milk textures for a lightweight yet deeply hydrating effect. On wet hair it helps to define, detangle and protect the hair pre-styling, and you can use it to re-shape curls on day two or three.

Redken One United Multi-Benefit Treatment

How many benefits is too many benefits? Redken come in strong with a hefty 25-in-1 treatment to improve hair’s manageability and appearance. It’s hydrating and softening, works to detangle as much as it helps to prevent heat damage and split ends. When you’re in a rush and only have one product to reach for, you know that One United has your back.

L’Oréal Professionnel TECNI.ART Pli

Whatever styling you’re planning on doing, Pli is on-hand to help. This heat-activated styling spray has earned a cult appeal and a place in countless kits for its versatility on both men and women. Once activated it gives shape, volume and body to any look, whether you’re straightening, tonging or blow-drying.

evo Happy Campers

Happy Campers is for the true multi-taskers of the world. This spray works as a lightweight cream when applied directly to the hands for a more concentrated effect – but a light misting pre-styling also gets the job done. Expect a hit of hydration, frizz-smoothing action and protection from both UV and heat damage.

Wella Professionals EIMI Body Crafter

Similar to Pli, this all-rounder spray is a safe bet on your dressing table. It’s excellent for building height and volume without getting stiff, thanks to flexible polymers, for a naturally full finish. It also works on dry hair – just spritz in to the roots and lengths for some additional texture. Crafty!