Skipcare for Hair

Skipcare is the latest trend making waves in K-Beauty. After years of careful layering and multi-step regimes, millennial women are embracing streamlined, simplified routines – and we’re here for it.

We can’t lie, there is something therapeutic about layering products and taking some self-care time. Equally, there are plenty of early mornings and late nights where we simply don’t have the time. Enter: Skipcare.

The latest skincare trend to come out of South Korea, Skipcare focuses on clever products which combine multiple steps into one product. Think serum-moisturiser hybrids, and sleeping masks which tone and hydrate while you sleep. “We all have the same 24 hours [in a day],” cosmetic chemist Ginger King explained to Allure magazine. “Multi-functional products cut down on time and money.” Indeed!

The same principle can be applied to hair – there’s a time and a place for layering mousse and serum and styling creams. But for daily use, a streamlined routine is what it’s all about. These multi-tasking heroes are the products that we turn to when you need a one-and-done day.

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