3 festive looks in just 5 steps or less

These chic and simple hairstyles will see you through the holiday season, whether you’re at a party or on a Zoom in your PJs!

On the quest for chic but simple hairstyles ahead of a jam-packed festive season spent on Zoom? Great hair doesn’t have to take hours, so we’ve rounded up three timeless styles which are bang on trend, and easy to recreate from your own home. Get your hairspray at the ready…

Retro Waves

The classic bob has made a huge comeback post-lockdown, and this timeless styling option from Headmasters will see you through the festive season and beyond. A modern take on the retro, art-deco wave, it’ll give you an oh-so glam ‘do in just a few minutes!

Step one: First blow-dry the hair smooth with a ghd ceramic vented radial brush. 

Step two: Next take three inch horizontal sections, starting from underneath the hair, working up to the parting and wrap around a ghd curve creative curl wand.

Step three: Pin each section to the head in a barrel shape and leave to cool. 

Step four: Once cool, remove the pins and brush through encouraging the wave movement.

Slicked-back Bun

This chic and simple updo goes way beyond the basic bun many of us have been sporting while working from home. Easy to achieve in just four steps, this slick-back style from KeraStraight is ideal for any Zoom parties…

Step One: Firstly, create a sharp parting. This can be anywhere of your choosing, but slightly off to the side is a safe bet.

Step Two: Using a brush or comb, brush the hair back to the nape of the neck, being sure not to disturb the parting.

Step Three: Twist the hair in a clockwise motion, adding small amounts of KeraStraight Texture Creme as you go to add shine. Continue to twist round into a bun, then secure with bobby pins.

Step Four: With a comb, gently sweep over the hair, positioning any stray hairs around the hairline. Then apply some more KeraStraight Texture Creme for extra smoothing and shine.

Disco Luxe

Hair up or hair down? If you can’t decide, then enjoy the best of both worlds with this glam Disco Luxe look from ghd professional and creative artist Luke Benson, as seen on the runway at JW Anderson AW20.

Step one: Spritz hair with ghd curl hold spray, then twist fluffier sections of hair around your finger to create definition.

Step two: Cup the hair using the ghd helious with a diffuser, disturbing the curl as little as possible.

Step three: Take a section of hair from the ear across the top of the head to the other ear and use ghd glide to smooth out the root area. Tie the section with elastic.

Step four: Take a smaller section of hair from this area, and after running the ghd glide through, wrap this section around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic.

Step five: Spritz hair with ghd final fix hairspray to hold the look in place.

Looking for more hair inspiration? Grab your favourite hair accessory as we share how to bling up your ‘do.