Shut the front door. Jo Malone is launching a hair perfume

Hair perfumes. Hair mists. Whatever you want to call them, they’re a wonder. Slightly (ok, very) decadent, but if you’re as hair obsessed as us (which is why you’re on our brilliant site) then why wouldn’t you splash out on a scent specifically for your hair?

Here’s the 411 on hair perfumes. They contain less alcohol than a regular fragrance, this means they’re not going to weigh your hair down or make it greasy. They normally contain some hair boosting ingredients, so not only will your hair be showered with gorgeous scent, but it’s getting some hydration and shine too. Finally, as our hair is normally one of the first things that the opposite sex smell (it’s a primal animal thing apparently) to see if there’s an attraction, doesn’t it actually seem strange that there aren’t more hair perfumes out there?

Jo Malone hair perfume
Now onto the Jo Malone hair perfume specifically. Meet Star Magnolia, £38. A limited edition scent that’s filled with zesty lemon, spirited star magnolia and a heady base of sandalwood. In short, it smells like the most romantic night on holiday you’ve ever had or are about to have. Just a couple of spritzes all over the top of your head is all you need. No additional perfume required. This and a smile and you and your hair are good to go.