Should I use… Salt spray?

It’s been touted as a summer essential, but is salt spray the right product for you? Read on to find out how you can bring the beach to your bathroom…

Why is it that your hair always looks great on the beach? All it takes is a quick dip in the ocean to bring out the best in it – tousled with plenty of volume and waves worthy of the sea itself. It’s no wonder that hair brands have tried to bottle this mysterious power, so you can have Bondi hair even if you’re going no further than Birmingham.

Bumble and bumble launched the first ever salt spray and Bb. Surf Spray has since achieved iconic status in the beauty world, bringing beachy style to dressing tables all around the world. Most haircare brands now have a salt spray of their own and it’s not hard to see why these products are so popular: “Salt spray will give you tousled, super textured, beachy waves without stepping a foot on sand or in the sea,” says Hayley Gibson-Forbes, co-director at SJ Forbes salons. “Our clients love the look, feel, and smell of a good salt spray, along with the added bonus that it is super easy to use as part of their at-home or holiday haircare regime.”

So, how do you use it?  “It is normally used as a styling tool once the hair has been cleansed and conditioned, giving the hair a gritty,  look,” explains says Gorka Arraras, creative manager at Charles Worthington Salons. “Salt spray is great for fine hair, adding volume and texture as long as the amount applied is not overpowering.” And you can use it in different ways, depending how strong an effect you want – “It is best applied to the mid-length and ends of the hair. You can simply spritz onto dry hair and scrunch into locks for messed up texture, or spray onto wet hair and blow-dry for a more subtle, voluminous look,” says Hayley.

However, as anyone who’s ever overindulged during a holiday will be able to tell you, you can have too much of a good thing. “Overuse of salt spray can lead to the hair feeling dry or matted,” warns Gorka. “To resolve this I would recommend weekly treatments or using a primer when blow drying. This will leave the hair nourished and in good condition without compromising on the styling. It will let you achieve the look that a salt spray gives without drying it out.” So, make sure that you treat your hair as nicely as you would after a day at the beach and top it up with plenty of hydration.

If you find salt spray too drying on your hair, Robert Eaton, creative director at Russell Eaton salons, has some advice. “Clients often strive for that perfect beach look hair full of texture, however finding then perfect product can be difficult,” he says. “For me, it is all about creating the texture but in a non-abrasive way – there are some amazing products out there that do this but if you can’t find the right salt spray, have a play with some different dry shampoos.” Sugar sprays are also a good alternative – Paul Mitchell’s Neon Sugar Spray maintains softness and hydration, while Kérastase Aura Botanica Eau du Vagues has protective properties and is made of 98% natural ingredients. Or you can always go for a twist on the original – Bumble and bumble offers a whole range of sea-inspired products including a the Surf Foam Wash shampoo and conditioner, to build texture as you cleanse, and the Surf Infusion which is a salt spray infused with oil. Race you to the beach!