Seven easy hairstyles to hide roots

Looking for ideas to disguise your roots until salons reopen? We’ve got the tried and tested styles to keep them hidden… without resorting to a baseball cap

Let’s face it, if you normally visit a hair salon regularly for colour touch-ups, then you’ve got roots. There, we said it… but you’re not alone on your quest to try and keep your colour lasting until we can be back in the chair of our favourite hairdresser. As weeks of Lockdown 3.0 pass by and its not yet confirmed when salons will reopen, those pesky roots will show no signs of stopping.

To avoid any box dye disasters or colour choices you will regret, turning to your styling tools, products and a few hair accessories is your safest bet to keep your colour re-growth under wraps. Before you reach for a dusty cap à la Joe Goldberg, get the lowdown on the easy to achieve hairstyles that will mask roots in the meantime.

Slicked back styling sensation


An easy way to blur the look of your roots is by slicking back your hair. By creating a wet appearance the hair will look darker, meaning your regrowth will be less noticeable. Favoured by A-listers and Instagram stars, this is the perfect style for anyone looking to skip hair wash day… which is most of us in lockdown, right? To create the sleek finish, reach for Redken Shape Factor 22 Sculpting Cream-Paste and a tail comb to create a slicked back look that’s Zoom party ready.

I’m with the band

When it comes to on-trend hair accessories, the trusted headband (or Alice band) has remained a failsafe styling option. Though we’ve seen variations, with pearl embellishments, bows and knots all having their moment in the spotlight, it now seems that headbands have really found their calling – the ultimate disguise for visible roots. These handy hair accessories are perfect for hiding your hairline, while still looking like you’ve got your life together.


Don’t believe us? Even Katy Perry has got involved, opting for a gingham number to match her outfit for extra brownie points. If you’re looking for optimum root coverage, go for wider headbands or ones with more detail to steer attention away from the hairline.

Pump up the jam volume


If your main aim is to keep roots as camouflaged as possible, adding volume to the crown is the way to go. Be sure to add a lifting powder or spray to your product stash, such as The Pure Abundance Volumizing Hair Spray from Aveda. Simply work the product into hair and use a hairdryer if needed for some extra oomph. For blondes with darker roots, dry shampoo will also help lighten the look of darker roots while upping the volume.

You’ve got buns, hun

With the help of a very strategically placed bun, it’s easier than ever to disguise grown out colour. Start by pulling back the hair and secure the bun’s height to match your roots. This will draw attention to the bun rather than the colour changes within your hair. For an extra finishing touch, you can also pull out hairs to frame the face, creating a front canvas without drastic colour changes. To keep the bun in place all day long, we recommend spritzing Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Styled Spray for a final flourish that protects hair from the effects of humidity and harmful UV rays.


Ready, set, braid!


Braids are a great way of tricking the eye to see more dimension and texture in the hair. There are so many variations of braids, making them a brilliant way to switch up your style until you can visit a hairstylist again. We’d suggest opting for a loose knot braid, as a tighter style may accentuate the colour difference. It’s also a good idea to use a texturising product at the root, such as the JOICO Hair Shake Texturising Finisher, before you begin braiding.

Another option is to add a braid along your hairline. Opting for this look means you can disguise your roots and give the appearance of a more dimensional hair colour. If you’re looking for more inspiration, don’t forget to check out our extensive braid glossary!

Waved and ready

An effortless, loose wave is a classic styling option and is also a great way to disguise pesky grown-out roots. Any kind of noticeable wave will diffuse the hard line of roots, making it look more blended and natural. While serving an oh-so satisfying result, mastering the technique behind the wave can be easier said than done. Luckily, the expert team over at @ghdhair and @ghdhairpro has been sharing some handy step-by-steps for nailing lockdown chic.


Master your parting


Once roots become visible it’s time to have a play with your parting. Depending on where your hair falls, this will dictate how much root is on show. While a sleek side-parting may give the game away, switching to a wavy alternative will help to distract from your new found frenemies. After finishing your usual hair washing routine, use a volumising product at the root, such as TECNI.ART Full Volume Extra Mousse by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, before blow drying the hair to one side. Once you’ve finished drying, flip the hair around in the opposite direction for some serious levels of lift.  If your hair starts to become flat again, simply flip in the opposite direction once more.