Scalp peels have arrived – sounds strange, could be genius

oway-scalp-peel-lWe’re all familiar with the concept of facial peels, even if you’ve never had one; potent skin-enhancing ingredients slathered over your face to dissolve away all the bumpf. And low and behold you’re left with a face that resembles a baby’s bottom…so to speak.

So it seems strange it’s taken all this time to do exactly the same process for our scalps. After all, the skin there is just like the skin on our face. If anything it’s left with more product residue, dirt, grime and dead skin cells than our face. Yet we don’t give it a second thought. Until now.

The first ever hair peel – the Oway Scalp Peeling Treatment – has reached our UK shores and is trickling into selected salons across the country as we speak.

But should we all be booking in or is it something our scalps can do without? We’re still to try it, but here’s what we know so far.

oway-treatment-sqThe treatment begins with a consultation and choosing which of the three essential oils will be used during the treatment. One encourages hair grow, another detoxes the scalp and another is for dehydrated skin. All sounds good so far.

Then a herb and clay based mask is mixed up with warm water and 10 drops of the essential oil are added in. Hair is then washed and the mixture pushed into the scalp, which is very similar to how a glycolic peel is applied, left to dry and harden slightly. The remaining mix is applied through the lengths of the hair and is left on for 5 minutes. Everything is then rinsed away and that is the peel done.

The treatment costs £20, so it’s not a break-the-bank treat, more the sort of thing you could book in for a few times a year as a spring clean for your head and hair.

“Scalp peels. They could be the future.”

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