Scalp facials are officially a thing now

Scalp health continues to be big news, so we sent Layered Online deputy editor Deborah to investigate the latest hybrid of skincare and haircare – the scalp facial

I love skincare. Going for a facial comes pretty high on the list of my favourite things to do. So when I heard about the rise of scalp facials I knew I had to try one. It’s all very well doing a hair mask for your ends, but the root of the problem could very well be… well, the roots. Between crazy levels of pollution in London and a greasy scalp that needs washing on the daily, I had a feeling that my scalp was in need of some attention.

Goldwell’s Revitalize treatment is inspired by skincare ingredients and formulations, designed to improve the appearance of hair by protecting against the causes of scalp ageing. Everything from UV radiation from the sun and pollution to the extreme heat we’ve encountered this summer can affect the skin of your scalp. I took myself off to the Goldwell Academy where I met Rebecca Wallin, part of the education team.

“The scalp ages six times faster than the facial skin – and if you think about how we wash our face, and put serums and toners and creams… but what do we do for our scalps?” she asked me.

Everyone’s skin is different, whether dry as the desert or an oil-slick, and the scalp is no different. The Revitalize treatment is split into three versions – Nourishing, for dry and sensitive scalps; Detoxifying for unbalanced; and Redensifying for weak and thinning hair. The treatment has four steps and works best as a course of treatments to keep the scalp well-maintained.

Rebecca quickly established that my day-two hair and dry-shampooed roots was in need of the Detoxifying collection to regulate my greasy frying pan of a scalp. “Each step of the Detoxifying range contains purifying red algae and Ectoin, which runs through all of the ranges. Ectoin works like a cocoon around the cells, to hydrate and help regenerate them,” Rebecca explained.

The first step was an Exfoliating Pre-Wash, the equivalent of your facial scrub, with jojoba-derived exfoliants to remove impurities. Rebecca carefully sectioned my hair and began brushing the exfoliant onto my scalp using a dense fluffy brush. It felt cooling and very refreshing as she worked around the whole head before whisking me to the backwash. My hair was thoroughly washed with the Detoxifying Shampoo, before being combed out for the next step.

Once again, Rebecca carefully sectioned my hair to spray on the Rebalancing Micro Foam. Like a teeny, tiny mousse spray, this is the most potent of the four steps and works to moisturise and rebalance the scalp, prepping it for the final step. Rebecca also worked a treatment into my ends while the foundation worked its magic, leaving me to relax with a hot cuppa for 10 minutes – very spa-like. After a quick rinse the final treatment was the Detoxifying Serum, applied again in sections, to keep my scalp hydrated and balanced in order to keep the oil at bay.

One bouncy blow-dry later and the proof was very much in the pudding. My hair felt lighter and fresher, almost as if I’d had a couple of inches snipped off, and my hair has been decidedly less greasy since. You can buy the steps to take home with you as well, although – as with any skincare – it’s always done better by someone else. You can find a Goldwell salon to book in to here.