Say hello to the new world of post-Covid hairdressing thanks to Hershesons

Mirrors you can move, loads of beauty and wellbeing services and super healthy eats and treats – the new Hershesons London store is a stunner



The latest Hershesons hairdressing launch is miles away from your traditional London salon. A dilapidated Barclays Bank in Belgravia has been transformed into the perfect new hairdressing store (Hershesons don’t call them salons) for the post-Covid era. Building on its Fitzrovia store, the new space is a ground-breaking full-circle beauty experience. As consumer trends have shifted to prioritising health and wellbeing alongside regular beauty treatments, Hershesons has thought carefully about what a trip to the “salon” can now look like.

Walk into the newest Hershesons and on top of achingly cool hair and its own brand products, you can also enjoy Brows by Suman, Dryby nails, and rose lattes and healthy eats from Farm Girl café. Worn-out Londoners can also indulge in the Sarah Bradden Method – a 40-minute treatment combining facial acupuncture, reflexology, lymphatic massage and traditional Chinese medicine techniques that improve not just facial appearance but also emotional and physical wellbeing. “It’s about surprising our clients with new and different experiences,” says Luke Hersheson, its chief executive and stylist to names such as Victoria Beckham and Dua Lipa.

Upstairs, which is flooded with natural daylight, is busy and buzzing with hairdressing and nail services, while downstairs is calmer, more soothing, and home to the backwash for a relaxing shampoo (there’s a lift to the floor above, in case anyone needs it).

A bugbear of many a colour customer is having to face themselves for hours on end looking perhaps not at their best. Not so here – many of the mirrors are retractable, meaning that if you don’t want to stare at your face surrounded by foils as you have your highlights done, you don’t have to. Genius! You’re also invited to sit wherever you want, rather than seats being arranged into cut and colour sections, so you don’t need to be moved around from chair to chair during your visit. And if you want a touch more privacy – alone or with your pals – there’s a series of bookable rooms divided by curtains.

Mostly though, it’s the little, thoughtful touches which make it a place you’d truly want to hang out, thanks to Luke’s own perfectionist nature. Within each uniquely designed area, lighting, furniture, vases, glassware and so on have been personally sourced everywhere from vintage sites to Ikea, culminating in a cosy vibe that feels like home (only better) and is distinctly ‘Hershesons’. “Everyone wants to know where the different pieces come from,” says Luke. “They walk in and just say ‘this is so cool’.”

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