The Salon Solved It! A wavy fringe

Layered’s designer, Eva, never had the courage to cut a fringe into her wavy hair in case it went wrong. We challenge Blue Tit in Dalston to do it right!

My first hair cut memory is me begging for a fringe. The poor stylist gave up trying to explain how curls work to a toddler and just cut it and said: “Here you go, now you have a fringe” and I was ecstatic! I was probably no more than three years old and I had hardly any hair; just a few white, angel-fluff curls that were impossible to manage…

Three decades on, my hair is so wavy (and most mornings has a mind of its own) that I’ve never had the courage to actually go through with it and ask for a proper fringe when I’m at the salon, even though I have always wanted to. But I won’t give up; for the past two years I’ve been growing out my undercut, and I’m now ready for a change. I’m sure I can find a stylist that can give me the hair of my dreams – and make a fringe for wavy hair work!

My reference points for this challenge are basically the iconic ’70s rock hairstyles that I have admired, oh, only since forever. Stevie Nicks (my hair crush), Patti Smith (my idol) and… wait for it… Mick Ronson. Yes, I’m talking about David Bowie’s guitarist Ronno, from the Spiders, and he had gorgeous hair. I’m fully aware that I will need some serious guidance and styling tips, but somewhere in between those three hairstyles is where I’m hoping I’ll end up…

 So then Kamila, stylist at Blue Tit Dalston, are you ready to take on this challenge?!

It had been way too long since I had a trim, so my ends were suffering. They were very dry and becoming unmanageable. So, I was heavily pampered at the backwash, shampooed and conditioned with extra nourishing and very soothing products from Davines. I felt rejuvenated and ready to take the plunge!

After discussing the right length for my fringe that would sit well with my face shape and work with my unruly hair, (but would still look very ‘70s) I got some super handy blowdrying tips. If you have wavy hair, Kamila advises to wash the fringe every morning, or at least wet it completely, then blow dry from side to side until it’s only a tiny bit damp. Then she recommended a small amount of Davines medium hold pliable paste on the ends and to style the little curvy sides as I want them, either using my fingers or use a round brush and the blow dry for a tiny bit, depending on how damp the fringe is. Apparently when you think you’re done blowdrying your fringe, you’re not! Make sure it’s completely dry before you leave the house and then it’s always good to use hairspray or mist (Kamila recommended Davines definition mist) to finish with for ‘a day after’ effect. Pretty rock ‘n’ roll, eh?!

What a transformation! How excited am I?! With these styling tips I’ve got in my pocket (and the fact that I think it’s still 1977!) I’m ready to embrace my new rock chick look. Finally, my little hair crush Stevie and I can be sisters of the moon!

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