The Salon Solved It – turning back time on my hair

“If I could turn back tiiiiiiiiiime…” Well, we might have just found a way! Layered Online’s Laura Tucker sees if Cardiff salon Precision can resurrect her dry, damaged, highlighted lengths

After a summer of being in the sun, a long-term highlights addiction and daily use of straighteners, I’ll be honest – my blonde locks felt thin, frazzled and very much in need of some TLC.  I desperately wanted my hair to look and feel smoother and healthier, but there’s no way I could give up my highlighting habit. Could there be a way to turn back time (without wearing a fishnet bodysuit and straddling a canon) and help my hair return to a healthier, happier period? I wasn’t hopeful.

But it was a great excuse to watch that classic Cher video…


Now, back to my hair.

I went to see Lawrence Taylor, the artistic director at Precision in Cardiff, and we discussed the condition of my hair (that was a brutal few minutes!) and the concerns I had about the damage I’d done. He recommended the Time Machine Treatment from Fudge Professional, and there was a glimmer of hope! He said it would do exactly what it says on the tin – take me back to fresh, healthy, thick and glossy hair, to a time before the sun, the bleach and the heat had got their hands on it.

Could Lawrence really work those kinds of miracles?

Hey, it was worth a go! So, the treatment is in three stages – two take place in the salon and one at home, so I had to be prepared for a little upkeep. Fudge Professional promises the treatment will repair the breakages to the internal structures of the hair shaft and surface cuticle, leaving the hair stronger, softer and smoother.

Precision Hair Design Salon

It starts with a regular shampoo and rinse, and the first part of the process then begins. Lawrence applied the Rewind Fuel to my towel-dried hair and left this for five minutes. Unlike most treatments that are applied by hand, the Rewind Fuel is applied with a brush, much like in-salon colour, which means thorough coverage and every lock of hair absorbs the treatment. Suck it up strands!

Next, Seal & Armour is applied, again using a brush. This should repair split ends and leaves the hair shiny and healthy. It was left on for a further five minutes and then rinsed. Lawrence then blow dried my hair and I waited excitedly to see the results. He didn’t use any styling products, as he wanted me to see my hair (and the results) in all its glory.

I must admit, I had been doubtful… but I was really impressed. Not only did my hair feel softer and thicker, but it also looked shiny and in the best condition I’d seen it in a long time. The overall experience is a really relaxing one too, as you spend most of it lying back and letting the product do its work… and it all smells gorgeous too!

But it wasn’t over yet. The final stage of the Fudge Time Machine treatment is a take-home product called Top Lock. This works to keep in place all that good work done in the salon for up to 10 weeks. TEN WEEKS!! I now swap Top Lock with my regular conditioner every other time I wash my hair and leave in for about five minutes. Yes, it leaves my hair super shiny and smooth, but in a brilliant Brucie bonus, it helps ward off the effects of heat styling, which means I can still use my beloved straighteners! YASSS! A month later, and I can still feel the effects of the treatment and see a real difference.

Now, is there a Time Machine Treatment for my face…?

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