How to rock slicked baby hairs this summer

We’ve pretty much all agreed that we’re riding out the summer with our natural look, right? We’re going to acquiesce to the humidity and just go with the flow. Well, not quite.


Know all those baby hairs you get at your hairline when the heat gauge rises? We’ve got a great tip for you from Aim Tams, founder of Midlands salon group, Bad Apple Hair.

USE THEM! Channel your inner FKA twigs and reach for the gel – you’ll be making a hella hot statement while bitch-slapping humidity in the kisser.

So Aid, what do we do?

Step 1: “Brush your hair, make sure it’s tangle free. Gather all the hair into a loose ponytail – don’t worry too much about the position, it’s function is to hold the longer hair in place.”

Step 2: “Starting in line with the jaw, gently brush the hair forwards towards the face. This will highlight any natural baby or shorter hairs that you have. If you need to pull more hair forward, it’s easy to add from the front of the hair framing the forehead.”

Step 3: “Once you’re happy, coat with gel and, using a comb, build the space of the hair. As gel is a wet product, you have lots of play time here. Make the most of it by pushing and pulling the curls and sections so that the pattern framing the face is exactly what you want.”

Step 4: “Like what you see? Wipe the excess gel off the forehead, but be careful to avoid any of your hair sculpture, and blast with a hair dryer to secure. Carefully brush the rest of the hair back into a tight ponytail, and finish with some hairspray and shine spray.”