Rejoice – now even brunettes can get in on the rainbow action

Move over blondie, it’s time for the brunettes to play with their hair colour as we say hello to vivid hues and pastel shades for ALL hair bases

Hair by: KMS

If you’re not a natural blonde (which is about as rare as a unicorn) and you’re not happy to hit the bleach, you’ve no doubt scrolled through Instagram seething with jealousy every time a blonde friend/colleague/rival reveals yet another perfect pastel hair hue (or is that just us?).

Many of our darker-haired friends have told us that they’re keen to try the temporary colour trend, but either don’t want to bleach, or didn’t even know they needed to pre-lighten their hair first. “Most are unaware of the process,” admits Gill Berry, JOICO European Colour Design team member. “It’s definitely put them off as most are afraid of pre-lightening or bleach.”

But the time has finally come for the once impossible to become (kind of) possible: the big colour houses in salons are releasing a swathe of temporary fashion and vivid shades that work on ALL hair bases. While most of these new products still can’t offer permanent or even semi-permanent shades, it does offer an option previously unheard of for darker-haired women.

Hair by: RUSK

“Temporary colours allow women to really accessorise their hair, whether it’s for a night out, a festival or to just try a new look,” says Joe Hemmings, owner of Bloggs Salons in Bristol. He points to L’Oréal Professionnel’s new #COLORFULHAIR Flash Pro Hair Make-up as a quick and easy route.

Chris Williams, international colour director at RUSH, loves the glittery shades from the Flash Pro Hair Make-up range and he assures us they work on both dark or light bases. “Women will love these temporary shades as there’s no commitment and they can chop and change whenever they wish. After all it’s for a night or a weekend, you’re not marrying it,” Chris enthuses.

Committing to permanent rose streaks or dip-dyed blue can be too much for some us, so these temporary make-up options and sprays are ideal as you can just wash them out when you’ve had enough.

And there’s another bonus – cost. While most can still only be used in-salon, the service should be far cheaper as you don’t need to spend time getting your hair pre-lightened first. RUSH is combining the Flash Pro Hair Make-up range with a styling service so you can have your hair braided and then hand painted for a night out or a festival.

Hair L-R: Schwarzkopf Professional, L’Oréal Professionnel, KMS

Jaye Macdonald, co-director and colour specialist at Glasgow’s Linton & Mac, actually thinks vivid shades are more desirable when they are temporary. “Spray-on shades are fun for the weekend – they are like make-up for your hair,” she says.

They’re also ideal for anyone concerned with hair damage or have hit the bleach one too many times, as they only coat the hair with colour, rather than pigment penetration of the hair shaft.

If you fancy something a bit stronger and more long-lasting, turn to Schwarzkopf Professional’s new Bold Color Washes, which is an in-salon service. These highly-pigmented formulas deposit intense and vibrant colours for bold, semi-permanent results on light brown to pre-lightened hair bases, and with regular use, the colour can build up on the hair surface, providing bolder results.


Try the temporary colour trend with these…

L’Oréal Professionnel Flash Pro Hair Make-Up

Got a late summer wedding you need to wow at? L’Oréal Professionnel’s new fun-filled palette, #COLORFULHAIR Flash Pro Hair Make-up, including two holographic shades, will do the job. While you can only get this service done in-salon at the moment, #COLORFULHAIR Flash Pro coats the hair in pigmented colour that washes out in just one shampoo and is visible on all hair bases.

To find your nearest L’Oréal Professionnel salon, click HERE


Meet STYLECOLOR, the first on/off spray-on colour by KMS. Available in nine style tones, including fashionable matte metallic shades, STYLECOLOR washes out after one shampoo, but is still waterproof and pillow-friendly, so you won't wake to find you've dyed your pillow an unfortunate shade of green in the morning.

RRP: £23
To find your nearest KMS salon, click HERE

Schwarzkopf Professional BOLD COLOR WASH

The latest from Schwarzkopf Professional is Bold Color Wash. Available as an in-salon service only (for now), these washes come in four shades and deliver bold, vibrant colour with minimal effort and long-lasting results. Thanks to the semi-permanent performance in a sulphate-free shampoo base, the highly pigmented formulas are just one hair wash away.

Find your nearest Schwarzkopf Professional salon HERE

RUSK Colour Mousse

These came out last year but made this round-up as they've impressed us with their ability to style and colour the hair in one go (we love anything that is multi-purpose). Mousse has made it big again and these top them all as they add body, hold and volume – and colour! They're perfect for trying the more fashionable shades and don’t want to change your colour permanently. And we can personally guarantee that these will show up on darker hair brilliantly no matter which of the four shades your choose.

RRP: £13
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