Pucker up with Lulu!

Iconic designer Lulu Guinness is loved for lip prints and her quintessentially British accessories – so who better to say #KissThisCancer through a partnership with ghd and Breast Cancer Now? Layered Online meets Lulu to find out more and quiz her on her hair heroes…

Spot a lip-shaped handbag or a lipstick-kiss icon and you’ll probably think of one name immediately – Lulu Guinness. The British designer with a wonderfully vintage vibe fuses fun and glamour with ease, and now it’s possible to get your hands on a little bit of Lulu thanks to a charity-boosting collaboration with hair styling giant, ghd.

This summer, there’s a red hot limited edition ghd x Lulu Guinness collection, featuring Lulu’s iconic lip print on the new ghd gold styler (£139) and ghd air hairdryer (£99), with £10 from every purchase going to Breast Cancer Now. There’s been a long-standing collaboration between ghd and global breast cancer charities, with more than £10 million raised over the past 14 years. Sadly, such funds are still very much needed – breast cancer is still the most common cancer in the UK, with around 55,000 women now diagnosed every year. One in eight women can expect a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

As well as adding to your styling arsenal with a purchase from the collection, your pout can help raise pounds too! For every pouting selfie that’s posted on Instagram using #KissThisCancer and tagging @ghdhair and @breastcancernow, ghd will donate an extra £1 to Breast Cancer Now. Simply follow the steps (pictured), and perfect your pucker (better grab that red lippy, stat!)

Layered Online was lucky enough to share a very lovely breakfast with Ms Guinness to chat about the ghd partnership, and find out a bit more about her personal sense of style, too!

You are known for your rather retro, vintage vibe – which decade is your favourite for style?

“I have been influenced by different decades, but really it’s all about the glamour – so I don’t mind if it’s Twenties or Fifties or now, I just love glamour!”

What’s your hair routine?

“My hair grows really fast, so I have to cut and colour it every two to three weeks. I used to be a model for Vidal Sassoon hair shows, and I used to have a LOT of hair, but I’ve also had it really short too. I’m so lucky with my hair, it’s got a natural wave. The main part for me is to get it all separated, otherwise it can just be one great big wedge! I love hair accessories, and I wear them quite a lot myself, I find them very helpful. I love a hair band. I’m a great believer in them.”

Do you have iconic hair heroes when it comes to your style inspiration?

“I love an iconic hair look – think Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun,  and someone told me once that I reminded them of Gina Lollobrigida. I do rather love those ladies, but it does depend also on what you’re born with. If I was born with straight blonde hair I’d be in trouble! But probably my ultimate hair icon would be silent movie star Louise Brooks.”

L-R: Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor, Louise Brooks

Talk us through your collection with ghd…

“We went through the creative process together, it wasn’t just a case of putting lipson anything! I want things to look a particular way and I spent a lot of time looking at all the different pink effects. I wanted to do something subtle – which I know is NOT what I’m known for! – but I just wanted something pretty.

“I think there’s a soft mood around now, and my feeling was to try and make a hard styler into something a little softer. If you have had something terrible happen to you, like breast cancer, it can define you and even take you over. You are so ‘in it’, that often you can’t see the wood for the trees. There’s a little black cloud over you.

“But I think that often it’s small things that start bringing you back to who you are. You can own something pretty and you can raise money to help breast cancer at the same time. I want to bring something that distracts you from it all – if I can bring a moment of joy to anyone, I’m a very happy woman!”