Pollution Solutions

Where you live in the country can have a drastic impact on the quality of your hair. From hard water to crazy levels of air pollution, there’s a lot to be aware of…

If you think London’s the only city choking under air pollution you’d be wrong. More than 40 towns and cities in the UK have reached – or exceeded – air pollution limits set by the World Health Organisation.

Your postcode can also affect your hair colour in a big way. In areas of hard water there is a high concentration of mineral salts which cause lime. This lime then deposits on your hair when you wash, leaving your hair dull and rough, as well as interfering with the chemical process in hair colouring. Hard water areas cover huge amounts of the UK, stretching from the south coast of England up to Edinburgh – and there’s not a fat lot you can do about it!

Luckily brands are stepping up to the plate and creating products to protect your hair on multiple levels. From deep-cleansing shampoos, strengthening masks and protective shield sprays, there’s a pollution solution out there for you. Click on the dots below to scroll through.

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