Pantone has spoken! Very Peri is the 2022 colour of the year

For 2022 Pantone has invented a new shade for its colour of the year: Very Peri. Let the experts share how to make this hue work for your hair

Thanks to Pantone we’ve had coral, we’ve had blue, we’ve had a combo of steely grey and sunny yellow… now it’s time for Very Peri as the colour of the year for 2022! It’s pretty, it’s complex and as bold as you’d like it to be – plus it translates beautifully to hair.

The Pantone colour of the year reflects what is taking place in global culture. According to Pantone, Very Peri encompasses “the qualities of the blues, yet at the same time possessing a violet-red undertone” while also displaying “a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.”

So, how does this invigorating new shade translate to hair? We asked top hairdressers to chime in on how they see Very Peri working its way into hair colour trends for 2022…

Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International

“This beautiful hue encompasses undertones of blues and violet-reds and is the perfect shade as we come transition from winter into spring. For blondes in particular, this is a shade you can wear all over your hair, or in flashes to give your hair a fun update. The beauty of this colour is that it’s light in tone and therefore blends out beautifully. It also looks slightly metallic, giving your hair a gorgeous shine. For those with darker hair, they may want to experiment with this shade through flashes in their hair, but also via one of the latest hair trends, face framing highlights.”

Cristina Fazzone, colourist and educator

“With vivid colours becoming more and more ‘wearable’ and clients becoming more daring, I see Very Peri becoming the perfect hue of colour in blonde toners for 2022. A gorgeous way to keep blondes natural with a touch of pastel, almost like the purple rinse of the modern day! It had to come back at some point.”

Jayson Gray, Billy & Bo London

“Very Peri is a colour that brings pure joy to me, and to my array of clients! A luscious tone that easily lends itself to flaxen blondes as well as adding a vintage quality to light, dusky brunettes. This tone is very much a part of my daily palette.”

Frazer Wallace, The Haus Studio

“The good news is that violet-based tones slide out of the hair nicely, so you don’t need to worry about that dreaded removal. With the subtle hints of blue in the main violet/lilac base, you can tone blondes with pastelised versions of Very Peri that will look gorgeous without the commitment of a strong vivid.”

Elle Weston, Charlie Miller Stafford Street

“I can see this being very popular with clients who have just grown out their old colour and are embracing their natural greys or white. Add a little pop of colour in the form of some flashes or slices to create texture to their haircut and add a bit of fun.”

Safy Burton, Safy B Salon

“The colour itself is a mix of emotional tones, each of which displays empathy to the world that surrounds us. The blue tones represents the sad and emotional feelings, whist the violet and red undertones represents a joyous attitude and courageous outlook.”

Sarah Black, Adam Reed London

“I won’t necessarily be looking at Pantone colour of the year in such a literal way. My prediction for 2022 is that people are looking to embrace change, confidence and creativity. Very Peri goes hand in hand with that. We are rebuilding our confidence, endlessly curious and craving joyfulness, after such an in intense period of isolation. I really feel people will be experimenting with the whole colour spectrum.”

Angelo Seminara, Angelo Seminara Salon

“I think that Very Peri will go really well into most looks depending on how it’s applied. You can go for a full treatment or it can be partially added to any look, and I think it will look beautiful because it’s very feminine, very soft, very wearable.”

Natasha Brajovic, Andrew Jose Hair Salon

“Take your rich winter brunette to a next level! As a next step for spring, transform your rich brunette into a new fashion statement with a full head of a thread thin Very Peri highlights. That’s a seamless but powerful transition to a new wave of digital world and you can consider yourself a trailblazer welcoming a new era of a virtual reality. For those feeling more courageous, ask for money pieces around your face and balayage the rest of your hair, then tone everything with Very Peri colour. This look could be your new natural – you set the rules for your Metaverse design.”

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