Our top three hair looks from Love Island series eight

Love Island series eight cast

Image: @loveisland

As hairdresser to the stars of Love Island series eight, Ryan Steedman shares all about the looks he created for the launch campaign shoot

Ryan Steedman

“I worked on the Love Island campaign shoot for three days, and I loved every look I created, but my three favourite styles to do were for Indiyah, Tasha and Gemma. They all had a completely different feel and inspiration for their looks.

For Indiyah, we decided to do a hair up, as all the other girls decide to wear their hair down. We wanted the ponytail to be shorter, as it would photograph well and you would see it from different angles. I added a couple of blonde pieces to the ponytail, and then flicked out the ends to keep it cute and playful.

With Tasha’s look, I took inspiration from the styles sported by Victoria’s Secret models. We wanted to achieve a high-glam look with an effortless feel to it – I loved that the hair had a shorter length to it.

When shooting so many different look over three days you really need to be aware everything stays separate and can stand alone. Gemma was another of my favourites to style, as it’s what I always love to create. Gemma had great hair and I didn’t want it to look too done or over-styled, so we decided to do a real lazy LA wave on her to keep the length but add width.”

Ready for Ryan’s tips and tricks?


Indiyah’s Slick Ponytail

“To achieve this look, I started by blow-drying the hair out with a ghd Helios hair dryer and size two natural bristle brush,” says Ryan. Once dried, Ryan tapped the root out using the ghd original hair straightener to achieve a smooth finish. At the roots, he also applied Ampro Shine ‘n Jam.

When it came to creating the ponytail, Ryan started by using a natural bristle brush to sweep the hair up into a ponytail. After gathering together the pony, he applied gel to the base, before continuing to brush into a pony and securing with a strong black hair tie. To hide the tie, Ryan wrapped a strand around the base, before liberally spraying an ultra-strong hold hairspray. His top tip for creating a pony with staying power? “Always use cold air [from a hairdryer] to set in place.”

“To secure the edges, I used an edging brush and Gummy wax, before placing on a compression band to help set the edges.” To finish, he straightened the ends of the hair, before using the ghd Curve soft curl tong to create the flick. Lastly, he used Modern Hairspray from Hair by Sam McKnight to fix his fabulous work.


Tasha’s Bouncy Curls

“The key to achieving the look is in the prep,” says Ryan. “I used Colour Wow Dream Coat and Raise the Root thickening spray, before blow-drying with a size four ghd radial brush to achieve a lot of volume.”

Once the hair was dry, Ryan added two clip-in extensions to either side of the head, around the temple, to create a fuller feel. Then taking section throughout the back, he used the ghd Curve tong, twisting and wrapping the hair around the barrel. He also tucked in the ends to give the full glam impact.  L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Infinium hairspray was also applied to each each section.

To create even more volume, Ryan alternated the direction of the curl, with the front sections wrapped away from the face to open up the shape and give a soft, flattering finish. “To dress out the curls once cooled down, I used a natural bristle brush to give an almost ‘fluffy’ texture. I then gently back-combed the crown, before finishing with Cool Girl by Sam McKnight and a volume and texture spray from Living proof.’’


Gemma’s LA Wave

“For Gemma’s look, I began twist blow-drying the hair with a large ghd rodial brush. At this point, I also prepped the hair with L’Oréal Professionnel Paris TECNI.ART Pli and Beach Waves sprays,” says Ryan.

Once the hair had more texture and volume, Ryan added some clip-in extensions to the sides in a slightly later shade. He recommends doing this to enhance the texture further.

To create the relaxed wave, he used the ghd Curve classic curl tong, waving the hair in different directions. To achieve the ‘lazy feel’, Ryan also made sure to leave the ends straight and alternate the size of sections being curled. The front sections were also waved away from the face to keep the overall vibe very undone.

“Once the curls had cooled down, I used my ghd detangling comb to dress out the curls and break them up a little. Once combed out, I sprayed the Colour Wow Style on Steroids, before using L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Beach Waves to finish.

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