Oh, so THAT’S the most popular hairstyle on Instagram!

What’s everyone searching for and liking? Let’s see…

Rather than ripping out pics from magazines to take to our hairdresser, we’re all now scrolling the ‘Gram to find inspiration for our next cut/night out/Zoom meeting. But what is the most popular hairstyle with the girls of the ‘Gram around the globe? Well, let’s take a little look at research by Tajmeeli to see what’s trending…

#1: Braids

With almost 18m posts, braids and plaits smash the top spot when it comes to ‘Grammers sharing their looks. No surprise really, there are so many ways with a braid and its dead versatile too, from relaxed and effortless to beautiful and bridal.

“Braids are always a seasonal favourite; their ability to make lived-in hair look chic and unique everywhere from the gym to a night out make them both versatile and the perfect time-saving solution for women on-the-go,” says Thomas Hills, director of TH1 Hair. “My favourite this season was Chanel without a doubt, where braided mohawks took centre stage, folded over foreheads and tied at the back with bows. What I love about braids is their duality – they create a soft, feminine feel, but can also be a little bit rock and roll too, depending on the vibe you want.”

#2: The Undercut 

This wins the silver medal, but it’s WAY down from braids – 2.6m images shared. Now, plenty of guys will also be sharing this look but ever since models Alice Dellal and Cara Delevigne took the clippers to parts of their tresses, it’s been an edgy look to experiment with.

“This is one look that stays even without the trend,” muses Brooke Evans, salon director of BE Ironbridge. “If you have lots of hair this is your time to get an undercut! Work in the front, party in the back, and less effort for that morning blow-dry!”

#3: The Mohawk 

Can’t deny this punk favourite is attention grabbing, from the ‘70s sugared-up heights to the cooler early ‘00s vibe rocked by David Beckham. This is getting 2.25m images shared, so it’s still one to make you slow your scroll.

“The mohawk has had myriad incarnations over the years, and it looks like it’s still its time to shine in the spotlight,” Thomas agrees. Sported by celebrities including Miley Cyrus, this style screams non-conformist, and is perfect if you’re looking to showcase your wild side this season. “If it’s a messy mohawk you’re after, try blast-drying the hair, before teasing and backcombing, with the longer top strands crimped for added texture. I’ve played around with mohawks a lot while creating my collections, including a glossy ‘faux-hawk’ – leaving the sides of the hair shorter, but not shaved – a wearable alternative if you’re looking to dabble with the look, but don’t want to commit to re-growing out the sides. A ‘braid-hawk’ is another commitment-free option and combines two trends in one. Add plenty of texture and body to the longer middle section for a thoroughly modern finish.”

#4: The Pixie Cut

While there might not be much to it, the elfin favourite racked up 2.2m images shared, and is often the statement cut that A listers go for to make headlines (started back with Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow). More recent pixies have included Demi Lovato and Halsey.

“Inspired by celebrities such as Vicky McClure, we’re seeing shorter styles like the pixie cut grow in popularity and this will continue into the autumn/winter season. I think some people are looking to change up their look and opt for a style that is easy to maintain,” says Tim Scott-Wright, founder of The Hair Surgery in Stourbridge.

“Short hair can be bold and edgy or sleek and chic, and there’s lots of versatility in the cropped look. There’s also demand for volume and texture, following on from the shag cut earlier this year, and the pixie cut is great for creating interesting shapes and a multi-dimensional feel. These short styles look great with quiffs and lots of lift at the root.”

#5: The Bob

Timeless, chic and super versatile, this perennial favourite garnered more than 2m posts. Whether it’s long, side-parted or choppy, this French girl fashion aesthetic has been sported most recently by Ana de Armas. “Ana has the cutest French Bob, it’s very Instagrammable and everything about it screams on-trend! The ways it can be styled, sleek or with a bounce, makes it super versatile even though is above jaw line,” explains Brooke.

“Bobs have been a huge trend on Instagram,” agree Jason Cocking and Chris Baker, owners of No 4 Theatre Square Hair. “Kourtney Kardashian has been working this look so well over the recent weeks, with her 140 million followers. It’s a very natural, effortless bob that doesn’t take too much maintenance or styling, all you need is a leave-in conditioner like the Eleven Hair Australia Miracle Spray. It’s very much a wash and go look, ideal if you want something effortless and easy to manage.”

Want to see what else is trending?*

Graph of most popular hair styles on Instagram

*Research conducted by Tajmeeli (https://tajmeeli.com/en/the-most-popular-hairstyles-celebrity-hair-inspiration/), which analysed the number of times each hairstyle hashtag was used on Instagram and ranked the findings from high to low to reveal the most popular.