How to avoid lame event hair by the BAFTA team

Whether you’re going to a wedding, posh dinner or formal event, special occasion hair can be a tricky one to get right. Too ‘done’, and you risk looking like a contestant from a toddler beauty pageant. Too ‘undone’, and you’ll look like you forgot to finish getting ready. So, who better to show you the ropes when it comes to event hair than the very team behind the locks at the BAFTAs? Paul Edmonds is the Official Hair Partner 2018 of the EE British Academy Film Awards, having created iconic hair looks for a huge range of films and TV programmes over the years – including Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and Mamma Mia. We gathered the team to ask them what how they put together styles for the A list…

Lay the right foundations

“Effortless chic! An undone ‘do is one of the hardest looks to nail – you need to make it casual but also able to last a red carpet and a whole evening. So, product prep is the rule of the day – layer a heat protector, volumiser, texturizer and something to provide hold.”

– Emma Sheerman, stylist

Dirty hair works better

“When working on hair for the red carpet, most people will have pre-washed their hair that morning. However, it can be better if it’s actually washed the day before and a dry shampoo is used before styling, as it’s less flyaway and is more likely to hold shape.”

– Catherine Ho, director

Mix it up

“Cocktailing a mixture of wax, gel and serum is a great way of getting that high shine finish without the softness of a shine product.”

– Alfie O’Neill, senior stylist

Patience is key

“When tonging hair, spray it, pin the hair up in a top knot and DO NOT TOUCH IT until you’re ready to go. Once your make-up is done and you’re dressed and ready to go, brush the hair out. Brushing at the very last minute allows the hair to cool and set into the new shape.”

– Paul Edmonds, founder

Clip with caution

“When holding hair in a new shape or away from the face, have cut tissues to hand so you can put them under the clips to stop them causing strong dents. Try to allow the hair to stand and take on its new shape before removing them and using a finishing spray. “

– Siobhan Baynes, director

Fill in the gaps

“It’s always good to have a root touch-up spray with you for thinning areas and to add density if the hair’s fine – that goes for men and women!”

– Jenny Manzi, senior director