No time? No worries – lunch break highlights are now a thing

Stopped getting your hair coloured in the salon, because you don’t have time? We’ve discovered two new services that are all about quick results in half the time

One in five women say that a lack of time is the reason they stopped visiting the salon for colour* – not money, time. Sister, we hear ya. But can you tell us honestly that your at-home dye job achieves the same results? Thought not. Now there’s hope for those who hate spending hours in the salon chair: both L’Oréal Professionnel and Redken recognise this increasing need for speed and have introduced services that cater to those keen to get on-trend shades in fewer than 30 minutes.

Neville Hair & Beauty has introduced Instant Highlights by L’Oréal Professionnel and is promoting it as “the perfect lunch break colour service for the time poor”, says Elena Lavagni, owner and director of Neville Hair & Beauty.

“Whether it’s reviving an old colour, someone looking for a low maintenance colour service or creating the perfect hair contour, our Instant Blonde promises to deliver a natural result and safe colour,” she says.

But – and isn’t there always a but? – these services are not for your all-over blondes or for those that have or want a full head of highlights. They’re for those who want a refresh or to go slightly blonder for the summer. Let us tell you more…

Meet Instant Highlights from L’Oréal Professionnel

This heat-boosted lightening system will cut the time you spend in the salon getting highlighted in half. The combination of the Instant Highlights Heating Iron,  Lightening Cream and Foil work to ‘instantly’ lighten the hair in a controlled and even way. And don’t worry, the Heating Iron won’t burn your hair, as it maintains a lower temperature of 140 °C and regulates this temperature every 0.2 seconds. The tool also features a unique separator, ensuring the plates do not touch.

There’s even a handy service menu for clients to choose from…

Frame your face and accentuate your features with clever contouring and colour placement
For beautiful strands of colour for a sun-kissed effect or to gently brighten an overall look



Revive and brighten a grown-out ombré or balayage
Add pops of colour throughout the hair



Meet Redken’s Flash Lift Express Blonde

Similar to Instant Highlights, Express Blonde focusses on giving you up to six levels of lift in just 20 minutes. It not only saves time, but also offers four ways to provide personalised, expert colour results, from blonde touch-ups to lightening brunettes.

Express Blonde Lightening Cream is formulated to work with heat (there’s a specialHeatcure Professional Tool) and can be applied on up to 15 foils.

With Express Blonde, you can choose…

For blondes

Touch-up and blend a tired balayage or highlights
Face-framing touches of blonde. Ideal for contouring


For brondes

Perfect for colour virgins, great for enhancing your brunette with hints of blonde
A warm and subtle blended ombre that will suit any brunette



*Kantar world panel kwp usage data 2014