What you NEED to know before going icy white

Award-winning colourist (and owner of Instagram sensation Not Another Salon) Sophia Hilton shares four home truths behind the silver/white hair trend. We’re looking at you, Kim KW…


Your hair might never be able to go white

Sadly, because not all hair is not the same, not all hair is capable of being bleached white. Thanks to the different pigment content in different shades of hair, people often fight for years with yellow, causing a huge amount of damage and still never get there. It’s not just people that have naturally dark hair either – as colourists, our biggest problem is those with natural warmth in their hair, warmth you might not even know was there until you try to lighten it!


Your hair will be a in a dangerous state

The stage after silvery white would be the hair completely disintegrating. You are stripping so much from the hair structure that essentially, we are dancing with the devil! Much like skydiving, when you attempt to go that light you are taking calculated risks under the guidance of highly trained professionals… but they are risks nonetheless.


You will have to spend
a lot of money on up-keep

Bleach is the most damaging chemical we can legally use on your hair. In order to maintain your strands in this delicate white state, you have to invest in everything your colourist advises when it comes to haircare. From regular colour appointments (to stop damage overlap that causes weak points on the hair), to using all the best shampoos and treatments, there really is no room for cutting corners.


You may begin to suffer from hair loss
six months later

This is where people get really caught out and it can be devastating. Damage sometimes only shows up months down the line as the hair begins to deteriorate. So getting your hairdresser to push your hair to the limits can be exciting, but not when it starts to shed dramatically months down the line. At Not Another Salon, we recommend taking it slowly – lightening gradually over several appointments and having the right home care to keep rebuilding the structure of your hair after each visit. If you intend to take all the goodness out of your hair to get the colour you want, you have to be prepared to put it back in (religiously!).