My Hair Crush: Zoe Sugg

From braving the bob, to the balayage of dreams, is there no style the internet’s Big Sister doesn’t suit? When it comes to girl crushes, Layered Online’s Kelsey has serious love for those Insta worthy locks

Anyone over the age of eight (and probably even younger) has at one point or another come across YouTube sensation Zoe Sugg, more commonly known as ‘Zoella’ to her millions of followers. If by some random chance you haven’t watched her videos, where have you been? As well as having reached peak social media stardom, you should know that Zoe Sugg also has some pretty impressive personal style – the reason behind both my self-confessed girl crush, as well as never ending hair envy

– it’s no wonder she has her own beauty line in Superdrug

Way back before the blonde, curly lob that many may recognise her for now, my hair crush story actually begins in 2013. I first came across all things Zoella as a 16-year-old, and instantly fell hard for what was then her signature style: long, brunette hair accompanied by the trend of the year, dip dye. Having been scarred by years of uber short bobs during school, I was instantly in awe of her sleek and stylish waves. But why does curling your own hair at home never work quite so well? It didn’t stop there though, because aside from vowing to never have another hair cut right there and then (clearly teenage Kelsey didn’t value a fresh trim), I also decided I just had to have dip dye too. Looking back on old photos, even now I think Zoe still managed to make it work. Blended to absolute perfection so it looked semi-natural, the 2013 style still looked great even when tied up in a high-pony or ‘messy’ bun, which is an impressive feat given she had bright blonde tips yet dark brown roots! As for my attempt at dip dye, I distinctly remember somebody comparing it to a foxes’ tail, but the less said of that the better.

For a few years later, glossy brunette locks remained Zoe’s style of choice, inspiring teens across the nation to try out various flower crowns, plaits and of course the classic half bun style, which still to this day makes me look like I have a receding hair line. Meanwhile, Zoe’s half bun styles always ooze a relaxed cool, like she’s made an effort without trying too hard, while simultaneously suiting her face shape and petite features.

Even with a similar style, Layered’s Kelsey still couldn’t pull off Zoe’s pose!

Following The Brunette Years was The Big Cut, proving that she’s one of the very few that suit both longer and shorter lengths, and even more annoyingly, can switch up from chestnut brown to golden blonde… and somehow her skin tone works well with both.

Bringing us back to present day, earlier in the year Zoe went shorter than ever, and if I didn’t already have heart eyes for her dreamy do, the short blonde bob created by Samantha Cusick confirmed it 100 times over. Where do I begin? Not only one of the hottest shades of the season, the cool blonde balayage she opted for was a match made in heaven when coupled with the much shorter style and those infamous relaxed waves. Like most things given the Zoella touch, her latest look has inspired many to switch up their hair game, myself included.

While the dip dye and flower crown days instantly make me cringe, the cropped blonde curls hold a special place in my heart. Can I rock them as well as mega-babe and selfie queen Zo? Let’s be real – even the best lighting can’t work miracles – but it has encouraged me to take more risks with my hair length because this isn’t a Disney fairy tale and I’mno Rapunzel. Would I go back to brunette now Zoe has done for autumn? The jury’s out on that one, but obviously I’ve still given the reveal a double tap on Insta!