My Hair Crush: Stevie Nicks

Ahhh the ‘70s… The music! The clothes! The HAIR!

I was born in the early ‘80s and, unlike the Calvin Harris song, I don’t have love for it. Why? Because I. Missed. Out. The ‘70s were where it was at! Don’t get me wrong, I like the ‘80s just fine, but to be able to really experience both decades (not just as a toddler!) you had to be born in the ‘50s. It’s so unfair. In my head, it’s 1977 right now and David Bowie is my boyfriend…

I’m part of that micro generation, the Xennials – a generation very few people understand. When I saw Woody Allen’s film, Midnight in Paris, about a guy who feels nostalgic for an era he never lived in, I thought: “WOW! That film could have been written about me!”. That is exactly how I feel – a girl born in the wrong time.

“I’m behind the time,
but in my own fashion world”
–Stevie Nicks

When I first read these words, I felt like Fleetwood Mac singer, Stevie Nicks, had plucked them from my brain and gave what I felt real meaning. This quote has always stayed with me, not only because of its brilliant summation of how I feel, being born few decades too late, but also because I’ve always had serious fringe envy towards Stevie Nicks! I mean just look…

But have I ever attempted to achieve that look? Nope. No way, nuh uh. Not me. My hair is so wavy, I spend most mornings trying to control it (when it’s clearly it, that controls me). It’s fair to say it has a mind of its own and so I have never had the courage to actually have a fringe cut in.

My lack of courage didn’t stop me from yearning for her fringe. You might ask yourself, what’s in a fringe? But to me, Stevie’s fringe circa 1975 to 1977 summed up her whole persona perfectly. Stevie’s fringe certainly brings out the best in her and it makes her unruly locks look so mysterious, yet fun and sexy and feminine, just effortlessly confident.

She is the Queen of Boho and her fringe said what she never had to. I’m sure if I ever actually get it done, a fringe like hers could bring out some amazing hidden talent in me. Like, I might start jamming out on the bass or something!

And what other fringe has influenced so many other people’s style? From Courtney Love in the ‘90s to the Deap Vally ladies, Lindsey and Julie (my most recent girl crushes!), Stevie’s style continues to be emulated. To this day, Stevie’s ‘70s hairstyle is pinned to mood boards across the world. She’s an icon.

Today her hair is still very much a part of her signature style. She’s a gypsy rock star who always looks effortless. To top it off, she is still touring; she’s 70 next year – how amazing is that?

I have nothing but admiration for her, always have since my parents introduced me to Fleetwood Mac’s music and I saw Stevie for the first time on their album covers back in the ‘80s. I can only hope I’ll be half as cool when I’m collecting my pension – fringe or no fringe!

Watch Stevie do her own hair before a show in 1977, below

Now in my 30s, I finally had the courage to get my ‘Nicks fix’ and get a fringe cut in. Did it change my life? Am I now a graphic designer by day and bass player by night? Find out HERE