My Hair Crush: Pamela Anderson

Are you watching Pam & Tommy on Disney+? Layered Online’s Amanda is, and is soaking in all that beachy bleached blonde brilliance…

Contrary to popular belief (and indeed maths and science), the mid ‘90s were about 20 minutes ago. This was the decade where I was finding my feet when it came to pretty much everything – wardrobe, make-up, hair. I listened to grunge, indie and Britpop, and my aesthetic was very much in line with the Justine Frischmanns and the Tori Amoses of the time. But there was a secret part of me pushed down deep inside that longed for the big-ass, sexy blonde ‘do of Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker in Baywatch

Nothing about Pam’s hair appeared natural or subtle. It was Playboy-approved platinum, looked like it had a ton of product in it to get that I’ve-just-run-along-the-beach-with-David-Hasselhoff tousled wave and was long enough to skim the scooped back of her scarlet red Baywatch one piece. Yes, she was famous for another part of her body primarily, but just try to imagine Pam without her blonde. Impossible.

The barbed wire tattoo, the leather catsuit at Cannes, the Mötley Crüe drummer husband – let’s get real, Pamela’s aesthetic away from Baywatch was a bit sleazy, a bit tacky. But just how cool is that right now? With the revival of the ‘Indie sleaze’ aesthetic, we’re seeing trashy come back hard (we’re looking at you Kourtney and Megan), and I can’t help but think Pam & Tommy is just going to amp that up to 11. And Vivienne Westwood has known how to use Pam in the highest of fashion campaigns for years, embracing all that she embodies and just running with it.

Lily James as Pamela Anderson in Disney+ series Pam & Tommy

I’ve been blonde on and off for years, but my first attempt was in the Pamela era. It was a disaster, but I went back. Because once blonde gets a hold of you, it’s hard to shake free of her hold. I hope Pamela never changes; I want her rocking that almost synthetic Barbie blonde in her ‘80s, unapologetic and unrepentant.