My Hair Crush: Molly-Mae Hague

From mermaid waves to super-snatched ponytails, Layered Online’s Kelsey explains why Molly-Mae Hague is still the ultimate hair goals


I’ve watched Love Island for as long as I can remember. Nothing says summer like hearing the dulcet tones of islanders screaming “I’ve got a text” every night for two months. I’ve got the merchandise and followed (some) of their lives post-villa on social media, but nobody has made quite such an impression on me as season five star Molly-Mae Hague.

Images: @loveisland

From the moment she walked into the villa, I admired her style and wished for long, golden locks like hers. Whether lounging by the pool, on a date with Tommy or having a tantrum, Molly-Mae Hague’s hair always looked SO damn good. Best known for the ‘messy bun’ so many of us strive for, I remember social media being ablaze with others wanting to know her hair hacks. During the summer of 2019, I was one of many trying to recreate the looks she wore in the villa, even if the closest I had to sun and sand was the beaches of Hunstanton.

Though Molly-Mae and her partner Tommy didn’t scoop first place, the duo finished a respectable second and secured the long-term love and following from many across the nation. An online creator prior to Love Island, Molly-Mae’s Instagram and YouTube following soared after the series ended, as many wanted to get the inside scoop on her life.

As somebody who watches YouTube vlogs on a nearly daily basis, I was hooked on finding out more about Molly-Mae. If there was a new haul, make-up recommendation or hair tutorial then I just had to watch. Consequently, this is where my love for her locks really went up a notch, and so did my desire to have long, blonde lengths of my own. A regular wearer of extensions, Molly-Mae’s longer styles are practically unmatchable, but that didn’t stop me wanting my own mermaid waves.

 Images: @jaybirminghamhair

For younger millennials on the brink of Gen Z life like myself, I consider these waves to be the ultimate hair inspo. Sure, we all love sleek strands when going out OUT but those effortlessly cool waves just hit different. Maybe it’s because we all loved Little Mermaid when younger, but such is the love for this look that Molly-Mae has even launchd her own waving hair tool.

It’s at this point I must also give credit to her two hairdressers, Jay Birmingham and Emily Rose Monk, who regularly create major hair inspo on shoots or campaigns. While Emily has coloured Molly-Mae’s strands over the years, Jay is responsible for styling up a storm. It’s because of him that I’ll go from wanting waves to a fishtail braid at the drop of a hat, or rather the upload of an Instagram post.

Images: @jaybirminghamhair

Nearly two years on since leaving the villa and Molly-Mae’s hairstyles are only going from strength to strength. As well as OWNING the mega-long lengths, we’ve also seen her embracing her natural hair length with an on-trend lob and ’90s-inspired flicks that I could never make happen in a million years.

Currently in a phase of growing my blonde hair, Molly-Mae is the very reason I still want extensions to have the option of longer or shorter locks. With notoriously thick hair, it’s something I had previously never considered, but having the option to switch up my look for all occasions seriously appeals to me. This could be because I’ve spent over a year indoors and am now saying yes to every brunch or garden party which comes my way, but I’m on the quest to make more of an effort with my styles.

Will I ever look like Molly-Mae? Absolutely not. Will I ever have a glam-squad of my own? Unlikely. But will I still keep on striving for strands like Molly-Mae Hague’s hair? Most definitely, because it’s 100 per cent my type on paper, and yes I do like to put all my hair inspo eggs in one basket.

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