My Hair Crush: Maisie Williams

Will baby Stark be our winner in the battle for the Game of Tones? Layered Online’s Kelsey discusses her ultimate hair colour crush

Since her debut on our screens back in 2011, the nation has watched on as Arya Stark (aka Maisie Williams) transformed from a sassy pre-teen to a twenty-something who has rightfully earned her status as a style icon. While I must confess to having only watched series one of GoT, when it comes to following the life and style of A-listers, for me it doesn’t get much more interesting than the incredible tresses of Miss Williams!

Don’t believe me? Take one look down her Instagram feed you’ll see exactly what I mean, though get ready for some major fashion envy too (Yes, I am referring to that Kenzo moment back in January)!

As you keep on scrolling, let’s jump in the time machine and take it back to where my colour crush first began, back in the brunette days. As mentioned in my previous hair crush, during my teenage years I stuck firmly to darker tones, but never really nailed making it work for my skin tone. Despite being pretty pale like myself, for several years Maisie rocked a dark brunette lob, which only seemed to add to her cool-girl factor. Often styled in loose waves or slicked back for events, her Insta posts are awash with hair inspo I’ve never been able to recreate – thanks questionable hairline (sob)!

While remaining firmly on Team Brunette during filming as the fierce Ayra Stark, in December we first caught a glimpse of the hair transformation that sent the social media sphere into a frenzy – hello dreamy pastel pink! From the pastel shade to the undone waves AND the mid-length cut – it ticked all my boxes and encouraged me to get braver with my own hair choices.

Despite not being brave enough to go all-out pink à la Maisie, for the past few months I’ve experimented with adding touches of pink to my ends, along with pops of purple to create a more metallic effect.

And it seems I’m not alone! From lovely lilac to cool blonde, recently we’ve seen Maisie switch up her look time and time again to mark the end of an era, as GoT came to its dramatic conclusion. Like Arya defeating the Night King to signify her transformation from girl to bad-ass warrior was complete, in real life Maisie is using her tresses to show she’s all grown up!

Though lavender may be the latest colour to be trending all over social media, I think this is best left to those (like Maisie) who are far cooler than myself. That being said, I could definitely get on board with her new blonde locks, which racked up a whopping 1.6million likes on Insta last month. Featuring a darker shadow root with a mix of golden blonde tones, this new ‘do confirms her status as a style icon (and one that belongs on the front of every street style magazine).

So, what’s next on the cards for Maisie’s tresses? Could she be going Khalessi blonde next? Whatever shade she opts for is bound to be a major moment on social, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.