My Hair Crush: Kate Winslet

Does Kate Winslet have the most underrated hair in Hollywood? Layered Online’s Hideous Kinky coupling of Eva and Anna discuss their overlooked hair crush

Anna: Eva, I’m so glad you alerted me to the fact we should write about Kate Winslet’s hair. It hadn’t ever crossed my mind and yet, when you said it, it made perfect sense! When I first rebelliously watched Titanic aged 8, all the nude scenes pretty much passed me by because I was so transfixed by Kate’s pre-Raphaelite curls. I didn’t know hair could look like that! Now you’ve got me thinking – does she ever have a bad hair day?

Eva: Hah you were 8 – oh bless! I was a teeny bit older but YES those curls! Simply iconic. It’s interesting to look over her roles through the years, she does have red hair in quite a few films. I guess her skin-tone is just so perfect for it. But I think she’s one of those people who can pull of ANY hair colour… She’s always stunning – at any age.

Above: Titanic 1997

Above: Hamlet 1996, Hideous Kinky 1998, Finding Neverland 2004, Little Children 2006, Wonder Wheel 2017

Anna: You’re so right about the ‘any colour’ thing – case in point is her character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind! Literally every colour of the rainbow…

Speaking of Eternal Sunshine, Kate has said that was her favourite film role to play, to date. It’s funny we’re talking about this now, I actually watched her in Hideous Kinky recently. She was so naturally beautiful. Long auburn hair, very natural waves and her skin was flawless. It’s such an unusual film, but it’s drawn from a memory of a child so all the scenes are just kind of random. It’s beautifully done.

Above: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

Anna: Oh my goodness, I remember loving Hideous Kinky when I watched it – it was one of the first DVDs my family had. You’re right that her hair is perfectly imperfect in that movie! I think that it’s the ideal example of hair colour that doesn’t look coloured. I feel like hairdressers could learn a lot from this kind of colouring. Do you have an all time favourite Kate look?

Eva: I find it hard to pick one – her portrayals of women are all very strong. I feel like she’s never really discussed in the media for having a certain new look or hairstyle. Do you think she maybe gets sort of ‘overlooked’ because she’s just ageing naturally? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give a damn about it though!

Anna: I think you might be right. She knows what suits her, and she’s standing by it, so there aren’t tabloid headlines about her chopping it all off into a dark brunette bob. And the media love to overlook women who age naturally – which probably works in her favour really as she can have a nice, quieter life!

“It goes against my morals and what I consider to be natural beauty. I will never give in. I am an actress, I don’t want to freeze the expression of my face.”
-Kate Winslet on cosmetic surgeries, 2011


Above: Kate in Longines ads

Eva: I read somewhere she’s a natural blonde and I think her personal hairstyle is usually blonde natural waves, looks very effortless, which really suits her. She does an up-do for the red carpet every now and then. She has been the ambassador for Longines watches since 2010 and the ad campaigns she does for them are amongst my fave looks of hers.

Anna: I’m glad you mentioned the up-dos, because I am NOT usually an up-do person – I think they often look either really dated or too fussy. In fact I am almost always disappointed by “red carpet style” generally. But Kate seems to have nailed it – she usually wears black, which I approve of, and her shock of blonde hair offsets that beautifully. It always looks like she’s been at the beach and just pulled it back off her face to go for cocktails in the evening.

Above: Kate in Vogue 2006, Kate at Titanic 3D premiere 2012, Kate in Harpers Bazar 2014, Kate at the BAFTAS 2016 

Eva: I agree with you 100 per cent. Kate just nails it, and I have serious ‘I-just-came-from-the-beach-look’ envy! She is perfectly imperfect – every time.

Above: Kate at 40, 2015