My Hair Crush: Drew Barrymore

There’s your average hair crush, and then there’s your once-in-a-lifetime, puts-your-latest-Netflix-obsession-to-shame hair crush. This is how Layered Online’s Eva feels about Drew Barrymore. Well, about her hair anyway…

Drew Barrymore is only a few years older than me and became my hair role model from an early age as we have a similar hair texture. She’s spent years fighting and embracing her unruly blonde curls, then fighting and embracing them all over again… and so have I! But despite the battle with her curls, she’s always been cool – even as the adorable younger sister in ET (who doesn’t love bunches tied up in a red ribbon?). Drew’s always been cool, at any age, and she has ALWAYS had cool hair. I have tried and failed many of Drew’s look throughout the years, but the bunches remain a firm favourite – I mean, come on, look at her…  Here she is, aged seven, hard at work appearing in one of her first chat show appearances on the Johnny Carson Show in 1982 – cuteness overload alert!

Teenage Drew, meanwhile, kept her hair very natural and her messy quiff ponytail was oh-so on trend. I distinctly remember getting my hairbrush all tangled in my fringe as I tried to desperately quiff it up like Drew.

Then as the grunge era kicked in, Drew was entering her later teen years and growing up in LA (being best pals with Courtney Love, as you do) where she was probably one of the first cool kids to try her hand at that bleached, messy-but-in-a-cool-way look.

In the ’90s, Drew became the LA party girl, and her grungy look developed into full-on goth when she cut her long, bleached locks into a tousled pixie for the film Mad Love. Now, that was a look that the teenage me could get behind. The day after my confirmation, where I had about 90 bobby pins holding in my crazy up-do, I rebelled and cut it all off – just like Drew! Yes, I went full on ’90s; chokers, very thin eyebrows, slip dresses, the lot.

It was very The Craft (a film that I also ADORED – are you seeing a theme yet?). I had a raven black pixie cut for about two weeks after seeing that film. Unfortunately I had used a cheap box dye and my hair turned grey very quickly, which I hated. Drew also dyed her hair black in ’96, which also didn’t last very long as she grew it into a short blond bob with a heavy, blunt fringe for the ’90s classic Scream.

Above: The Craft 1996

Above: Drew in Scream 1997

I’ll admit it, the ’90s were when Drew gave good hair like no other – until recently. Sure, she went through the usual tousled blonde waves in the ’00s, then she went copper (a look I also tried, but it didn’t work quite as well). She also tried a lovely chocolate brown shade in ’05, as did I. It was rather more successful and I kept the shade for a couple of years, enjoying the break from blonde. There was then the very bold dip-dye in ’09, which I really did want to try but was too scared.

Above from L-R: Never Been Kissed premiere 1999, Charlie’s Angles premiere 2000, Whip It premiere 2009

Since then, she’s kept her natural blonde locks pretty much the same, excluding a few months in ’11 when she tried out a gorgeous warm red shade. Her hair looks effortlessly natural, and no wonder with legendary LA colourist Tracey Cunningham her go-to for the past nine years.

Now at the age of 43,
she is as cool as ever

Drew is currently starring in The Santa Clarita Diet as Sheila (season two is out now and is the perfect Easter binge watch), and not only is the show a favourite of mine, but Drew’s hair is also back to being my number one hair crush. Besides acting, Drew runs her own beauty product company and still has time to be a cool mum. Here she is, above, with her daughter Olive getting ready for filming.

I’m desperately trying to grow my hair as long as this so that I can copy her colour, which is a cross between balayage and ombre. Drew is single-handedly bringing ombre back and proving just what a few strategically placed face-framing highlights can do for a girl. Yep, Drew was my hair crush in ’98, just as she is now in ’18. Bring on ’38… #hairgoals, people. #hairgoals