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The humble hair accessory is a game-changer for party season. From statement headbands to snap clips, the Layered team put HAIRSLYDZ statement pieces to the test

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a big revival in the way we accessorise our strands. Maybe it’s because we all suckers for a bit of sparkle and love a trend, but all shapes and sizes of hair accessories are everywhere on social media. Now, as festive season fast approaches, there has never been a better time to level up your hair look.

HAIRSLYDZ hair accessories

Once reserved for your school years, scrunchies, snap clips, headbands and even ribbons are getting in on the action – serving a heavy dose of ’90s nostalgia along the way. So, do these on-trend hair accessories work beyond the feeds of Instagram? Two of the Layered team, who happen to be ’90s kids, put a range of styles from new brand HAIRSLYDZ to the test. It’s from hairdresser Andy Smith, who works backstage on all sorts of projects and has his finger on the fashion pulse.

The range offers a breakthrough way of tagging your hair, whether it be in a subtle way of keeping pieces of hair away from the face, or a really cool way to make a statement about your look. Perfect for a style switch-up, a daily run or just running late for a catch up with the girls, HAIRSLYDZ offers a fun, fresh way to add just the right detail in just the right way.



“I never really thought the ‘90s would have their heyday relived if I’m honest. When I look back at the decade, it’s somehow simultaneously ‘the decade that fashion forgot’ for a lot of people, and the decade where fashion really evolved. Grunge and minimalism, jockeying with hangovers of ’80s maximalism and early ‘00s bling, it was a… confusing time.  

I’m not the oldest Millennial going, but I’m also almost 30, so seeing the same accessories that I wore as a kid floating around again is taking a bit of getting used to. Headbands have had their moments over the years, but snap clips and hair slides? Not so much. I was always a headband girl as a kid, but any form of hair clips I always gave a wide berth – my silky-smooth, straight hair would have them falling out before I even reached school. 

So I started where I felt comfortable, with the pretty-with-an-edge Headbandz. I can say hand-on-heart that this is the most comfortable headband I’ve ever worn. Normally I last a couple of hours before the headache sets in, but I’d worn this black chiffon beauty for half a day before realising that the usual ache hadn’t surfaced.  

It straddles that balance of noticeable but not too tall with ease, and would be such an easy way to make you look like you’ve made an effort with your hair. I tried it both with my hair pushed back, as I would have as a child, and prettily perched over a Gen-Z centre part too, and it looked great either way. A big win in my books. 

Next up, my old foes – the triangular snap clips which I now see EVERYWHERE, from Lizzo at the Grammys to cool Insta girls. All I could picture was my round face curtained with wonky clips, slowly sliding to freedom. Could I pull them off? 

It’s all about the intention of it, I discovered. The Piecez clips are perfectly sized – large enough to be noticeable and intentional, but not excessively so. The matte black and silver finishes feel modern, so I bit the bullet and went all-in, with one of each colour either side to hold my long lockdown locks back. 

And they stayed put, to my eternal shock. Maybe it’s the sheer size, and thus increased pressure, or maybe it was my second day hair and dry shampoo creating less slip. Either way, I was impressed. I angled the different colours to face in opposite directions (having them face the same way felt a bit too school-girl – I’m sorry Lizzo, I couldn’t take it) and hours later I’m still happily typing away with my hair held firmly in place.”


“Having been born in the latter half of the ’90s, hairbands and small hair clips became my go-to during primary school… especially when my parents gave me a bob age five. Ever since then, I’ve always been a sucker for some pretty hair accessories and immediately jumped on the trend for pearl or knot headbands. Always one to go all-out at Christmas, I’m more than happy to see a revival of clips, ribbons and barrettes. 

With that in mind, I decided to opt for the Ponyz ribbon, as this felt wearable regardless of my parting or fringe. A cool, detachable satin-look ribbon combined with a strong hair band, it is the perfect accessory for keeping your pony in place. With my thick locks, it rose to the challenge and was ideal for adding some interest to my second day at-home blow-dry.

For those who prefer a half up-do, the ribbon would work well for adding a finishing touch while keeping your look secure in place. On the website, it’s also modelled with two space buns but unfortunately I will never be at that level of cool!

It’s also available in black and pink, making it the perfect accessory for combining with a floaty dress and channelling your inner Grecian goddess on the dancefloor. 

Feeling slightly more adventurous, I decided to also try out the Bitz fashion slides, as they’re a great way to secure those unwanted bits of hair away from the face. Available in a range of colours, the thin slides can easily be layered up to match your outfit, or add a bright pop of colour to an LBD. 

BITZ fashion hair accessory
BITZ fashion hair accessory

Much like Deborah, I too feared pinning my hair back to reveal my round face, so decided to play it safe by leaving front sections of my hair free as a way to keep some face-framing. For those with a deeper parting to the side, they would work excellently for sweeping hair away to the one side, and looking great while you do it. Definitely fun to use, they felt flattering and user friendly, and I know they’ll come in handy for gripping my fringe back during workouts. They really are a does-it-all essential to have in your make-up bag.

HAIRSLYDZ are stocked in salons and available to purchase online at

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