Mum’s the word

Mumsy hair? Be gone! It’s time to give your tresses a glow-up with some speedy styling know-how

17 minutes. That’s it. That is all mums get of ‘me time’ on a daily basis according to In between prepping a nutritious Instagrammable breakfast, juggling homeschooling while working from home, and kissing nippers goodnight, the majority of mothers are hard pressed to find the minutes to look amazing all the time. Thus, more often than not, they’re sporting some bob-like creation above their shoulders to keep their shampoo/conditioner time in the shower to a mini(mum).

No, no, no. Our nation’s mothers deserve MORE than just one special day a year! We caught up with some hairdressing pros to hear how they create the most on-trend mum hair, even when time is of the essence.  

The speedy relaxed wave – Krysia West, owner of Perfectly Posh Hair, Hungerford

“Speed is key for us busy mums when it comes to styling hair – the school run won’t wait! My hair routine takes around 20 minutes in total from washing to waving. I start by giving my hair a good wash and ensuring to massage the scalp to remove product build up. I blast most of my hair dry using the hairdryer and my fingers. For the front, I use a big round brush to smooth the hair down flat and give it a bit shape.

Once dry, you want to section your hair into three – starting from just above the ear. For the first section you can get away with just splitting it into two and waving in just one piece for each side. This is the underneath so you just want to give a little movement.

Then take the second section from near your temples and split these sections into two to give more of a wave and definition to your hair. For the top section, bring your hair down and work with two sections again. Let this cool, then brush out using a large paddle brush. This will give you a cool wave in minutes.

For second or third day hair to avoid washing, I like to style into a half up, half down style. Your hair will still have a little wave from the previous day. I like to use my Corrine Pin and Ring for detail. Tie some of your hair up and then insert your chosen hair accessory to cover the hair tie. Finish by pulling hair loose through the front for an ‘effortless’ vibe.”

The timeless half-up look – Alison Pilichos, manager at Ishoka, Aberdeen

“Easy to achieve in three steps, this half-up style is great for WFH chic, or a Zoom call with friends. Start off by sectioning a deep triangle at the front of the hair. Next, pull each of the side sections back either to the high crown area for a cool, casual look or pulled round to the lower back of the head, just below the crown, for a more sleek and simple feel.

Always add accessories! Clips and slides are fabulous, and a simple way to clasp back the hair. You can also clasp over the back or just above the ear once the fringe has been swept back. Corinne Hair Accessories have a fantastic range of beautiful, boutique accessories.

My top tip for any busy mum is to prepare your hair the night before!  Blow-dry your hair and tong it before bedtime and pin it up to sleep. Shake it out in the morning and you will have a casual soft wave with beach type texture.”

Got some extra time to spare? It’s time to treat those tresses…

picture credit: Schwarzkopf Professional

Play with pastel – Katie Mulcahy, owner of Paint and Powder, Stafford

“Refresh and brighten grown out colour with a spring-inspired pastel glaze. Go for a shade that suits the existing tones in the hair and skin tone: pinks, peachy, candy floss, rose gold and milkshake hues can instantly update a look with no commitment! Simply apply a mask to pre-washed and towel dried hair, then allow to develop for 10-15 minutes. The colour will fade with time but can still look cool even with a tiny hint still remaining. I’d recommend the Schwarzkopf Professional Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks (Home Maintenance) to give you pastels of any shade you desire, without damaging the hair.”

Looking for more styling inspiration? Katie has shared a helpful IGTV, showing the coolest ways to wear the claw clip.

Wanting to master a fast but effect blow-dry? Andrew Barton, Headmasters creative & communications director, has some top tips…

“To create a sleek and stylish blow-dry, it’s all in the prep. Use a heat styling protection spray before blow-drying and spritz liberally through the hair.

You should always divide the hair into three sections – underneath, middle and top. People make the mistake of blow-drying from the top of the head, thinking it will be quicker, but by blow-drying the underneath first and working up the head first means minutes can be saved. 

Use a nozzle on the hair dyer to concentrate the heat flow – this also makes for a speedier blow-dry, and smoothes the cuticle scales for extra shine. Time spent on a blow-dry technique like this far beats a quick blast with a hairdryer and straightening with irons, as it will create a longer lasting result and a more natural glossy finish. 

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