Set loose the mousse! Why you need this ’80s comeback in your hairstyling arsenal

This season, more is more. Up or down, hair is primped and plumped, which is why the modern-day muse needs a modern-day mousse. Hold up – did you say mousse? Didn’t it disappear along with shoulder pads and acid-washed jeans? It seems the hiatus is over and the mousse is, well, back. Going hand in hand with the other great revival of the season, the perm, the mousse has been making a slow revival over the past few seasons and is back live and kicking for S/S18. But fear not, the modern-day mousse won’t leave your hair all crispy and wet-looking, instead these updated mousses provide added oomph, while keeping hair natural-looking. Used correctly, mousse will leave your hair soft, more manageable and provide the perfect base for creating styles that last.
Not sure mousse is for you?
We drafted in Kelly May, senior stylist at Neville Hair & Beauty, to take the guesswork out of the mousse revival so you can squirt and style with confidence…

Tip 1
Always thought mousse was for your long-haired friends only? That’s not the case according to Kelly. “Mousse is great for girls with pixie crops who want a soft texture to the hair,” she says. “Wash and towel-dry your hair, apply a small amount of mousse to your hands and rub them together (this stops you from applying a big gloop of mousse to just one patch of hair), then distribute throughout the hair. Leave hair to dry naturally for beautiful, nature texture and movement.”

Tip 2
For women with curly locks and a midi cut, Kelly recommends pairing a mousse with a diffuser. “Wash and condition your hair, brush out any tangles with a comb then towel-dry your hair, but do not comb it again as you will create a halo of frizz. Apply a mousse, such as Balmain Hair Volume Strong Mousse, to your hair, then tip your head upside down and use a diffuser to dry it, scrunching the hair up as you go,” says Kelly.
Tip 3
For volume, Kelly recommends applying Pureology Clean Volume Mousse at the roots of towel-dried hair, before “tipping your head upside and blasting the roots dry, lifting the hair using a vent brush to create natural volume”.
Tip 4
Create beautiful beach waves without drying hair out with salt spray by using mousse instead. “When you’re on holiday, mousse is great at refreshing beautiful beach waves in the evening,” says Kelly. “Simply scrunch some light mousse in the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to keep those beach waves going well into the night.”
Tip 5
For girls with longer hair, create shine and smoothness by cocktailing a mousse with an oil. “I recommend using Tecni.ART Wild Stylers 60’s Babe Rebel Push-Up and Mythic Oil, both from L’Oréal Professionnel, for hold and shine.”
Our round-up of the best mousses out there at the moment…

Goldwell Kerasilk Style Bodifying Volume Mousse

Kerasilk is already known for providing silky-soft hair thanks to its salon services, and now its styling line means you can get 'touch me' hair at home. This mousse provides weightless volume with a silky feel and protects hair from heat.
RRP £22
Find your nearest salon that stocks Goldwell HERE

Tecni.ART Wild Stylers 60's Babe Rebel Push-Up by L'Oréal Professionnel

This is the brand's first ever texturising powder-in mousse. It has all the softness and manageability of a mousse, but with the texture and durability of a powder. It's incredibly easy to distribute through the hair (so no gunky patches) and provides perfect lightweight support.
RRP £12
Buy it HERE

Pureology Clean Volume Mousse

The fine-haired among us too scared to use a mousse? Not anymore as this not only gives fine, colour-treated hair light, airy fullness and flexible movement, it's free from sulphates and parabens, and is vegan-friendly to boot!
RRP £18.80
Buy it HERE

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Collagen Volume Boost Perfect Foam

Hold-providing film formers and caring Panthenol help to build a lightweight stabilising cocoon around the hair, boosting the space between each strand. What does all this mean? Improved manageability, hair feels fuller and protection against heat damage when blow-drying.
RRP £13.90
Find your nearest Schwarzkopf Professional salon HERE

Rusk Colour Mousse

Rusk puts a whole new spin on temporary crazy colour and mousse – these add body, hold and volume, and now colour! Available in four shades, it’s all about creating commitment-free colour in a flash. Squirt up!

RRP £13
Buy it HERE