Say hello to the blunt bob of dreams – 2018’s top hair trend

The movement. The texture. The blunt ends. The pageboy-punk length.

As soon as we laid eyes on Kevin Kahan’s new season images we were struck by this moody black and white shot.  This isn’t a cut that will suit everyone, but that’s what makes it great. This is a look full of attitude and personality – an aspect that surely helped it to scoop the title of 2018 Hair Trend at this year’s Most Wanted Awards, hosted by our sister magazine Creative HEAD!

Why is it the hottest look of the year?


This has been a year all about personality, expressing oneself via colours, cuts and styling that are almost polarising in opinion. Whether you welcome the scrunchie’s return, rock rose gold hair or manage to style out a cut that would make anyone else look like Friar Tuck; it’s all about YOU and having the confidence to carry off your look.

That’s not to say Kevin’s skill isn’t a large factor in the win – because it certainly is. To be able to create such a look requires years of studying and analysing faces to know what will work. His cut perfectly highlights her razor-sharp cheekbones, while hinting at the careful layering and depth above. Anyone who loves hair knows that looking effortless usually requires a lot of effort, and this is no exception.

This is a look which will embrace its messiness as it begins to grow out. Keep things looking more sleek and stylish with regular trims to those all important blunt ends.