Shh! We tried out the “Quiet Chair” at Bahaus, Cardiff

When we heard about Cardiff’s Bauhaus launching a Quiet Chair, we just had to send someone to sit in it! Layered tester Laura does the honours… and reports back, very quietly!

So Laura, where have you been?
I’ve visited Bauhaus on The Friary in Cardiff (it has two salons in the city) to try out their Quiet Chair.

This sounds intriguing – tell us more…
It’s a new idea from Bauhaus – you can book your hair service for the Quiet Chair, and it means that the salon and the stylist know you want to have a relaxing time with your magazines and coffee and not be asked questions about where you’re planning to go on holiday! I have a two year old and a nine month old, and I could do with a little peace and quiet…

We hear you! Right, tell us about the salon first…
The salon itself is super-stylish and, although it’s a small space, the interior has been cleverly designed so that it feels very clean, light and airy. Everything – including my consultation, my hair wash, explanation of Aveda products used and the cut itself – was done with such thorough attention to detail, consideration and precision. As my hair is fine and straight, it’s pretty easy to cut and I’ve been to salons that whip you in and out in 40 minutes. Bauhaus couldn’t be further from this.

Fabulous. But what about this Quiet Chair business…?
In terms of the Quiet Chair, it’s a bit of an odd sensation for someone like me who likes to talk!  However, it was great to have the opportunity to sit, read, listen to the great playlist they had on and just take a proper break from the whirlwind of work, kids etc. It’s not often that I get that kind of opportunity and it makes a visit to the salon feel as though it really is ‘me time’ (I hate that phrase but you know what I mean).

So, not a word was spoken? 
We did chat initially – during my consultation Scott explained what he was going to do and what products he was going to use and why. And of course if there were things that came to mind or questions I had, we had a conversation then. I think that’s the beauty of the concept – you can go and be quiet but if the mood takes you, you can have that chat with your stylist.

Sounds great. Who do you think would like this idea?
I think it’s perfect for clients who really want to switch off and for those who perhaps feel more awkward having conversations with people they don’t necessarily know very well. The addition of Aveda products is obviously a huge plus point and the Quiet Chair really fits with the Aveda ethos of being respectful and promoting wellbeing.

Amazing. Big question though – would you go back?
I really enjoyed it, thank you for sending me over there… and I think I may have found my new hairdresser (cue massive guilt at the prospective break-up with my current one!).

How much did it cost – did you have to pay extra for silence?
Ha! No, the silence is free. A cut and blow dry with Scott was £55, but for a more junior stylist prices start at £38.50.

Book me in! 
Visit or call 02920 371 228