Dry January? Then embrace JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out

Sticking to Dry January? Press play on a Netflix series and give your strands some serious TLC at the same time

Winter isn’t so bad, really. Sure the clocks have gone back and it gets dark minutes after lunch, and you fail to recognise people you know on the street because we’re all wrapped up in ten layers to stay warm. And yes, we’re all waiting for pay day before planning another bottomless brunch. But you know what? Forget going out – this season we are fully embracing JOMO: the Joy of Missing Out.

There is something wonderfully indulgent about cancelling plans, putting your phone on silent, drawing the curtains and curling up for a nice evening of YOU, with no interruptions. So, if you’re staying in and binge watching the new season of Emily in Paris, treat your tresses while you’re at it too.

Forget quick fixes – this season it’s all about taking the time to look after your hair, making the whole experience a luxurious ritual that takes inspiration from skincare. So when you finally emerge from your cocoon, you’ll be rested and rejuvenated with gorgeous hair to boot.

First up, we have micellar water shampoos – yep, the skincare innovation has hit the world of hair. Micelles are minuscule round balls of oil. On contact with the skin the oil is dispersed, picks up the dirt on your skin but doesn’t strip moisture along the way. In short, it’s quick, super powerful and majorly effective – which is why it’s now appearing in shampoos.

As well as containing micellar technology that will get your hair looking and feeling cleaner than ever before, the Kérastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire Shampoo also smells pretty fabulous. All of the products (there is a whole Aura Botanica range) contain 98 per cent ingredients from natural origins, are sulphate and silicone free, but it’s only the shampoo that has channelled the micellar magic. Then there is the Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher from Aveda, which instantly cleanses the scalp with no-rinse micellar technology – perfect for duvet days or binge-watching your Netflix boxset of choice. Great for reviving and refreshing second-day styles while taming frizz for up to 72 hours, the spray provides a refreshing, soothing sensation on the scalp for ultimate relaxation.

Once you’ve used the “sorry I can’t, I’m washing my hair” excuse and your scalp is squeaky clean, it’s time to multi-mask – because why have one when you’ve got time for more? Much like with multi-masking in skincare, using more than one hair mask at a time is a great way to target any varying concerns you may have. For example, your ends may be feeling a little dry and damaged, but your roots may be subject to product build-up and are in need of a detox. Designed to target different concerns, the Kerasilk masks from Goldwell offer a selection of at-home treatments to revive tired tresses.

For those with coloured hair, the Intensive Luster Mask from Goldwell Kerasilk Color is ideal for adding moisture and deeply conditioning, giving long-lasting color depth and brilliance. Meanwhile, if you’re searching for smoothness with manageability and shine, the Intensive Smoothing Mask from Goldwell’s Kerasilk Control range, will banish unruly frizz. Finally, if your hair is also feeling damaged and distressed, add the Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask to any areas which need a little TLC. The mask will immediately get to work, providing lasting moisture and protection from recurring dryness. To pick up your multi-masking heroes, find your local Goldwell salon here.

This hard working duo from Authentic Beauty Concept is perfect for hair that’s feeling tired after party season. Free from parabens and silicones, the Hydrate Mask is an intensive yet lightweight treatment which moisturises normal to dry or curly hair. It’s also great for bringing back elasticity, bounciness and shine. Once you’ve dried your strands, we suggest reaching for the Hand and Hair Light Cream for some serious TLC. With a barely-there texture that absorbs quickly, this lightweight cream can be used on hair and hands for some extra nourishment. Plus, it’s great to use during a relaxing hand massage. We’d recommend blocking out your diary for an evening, slathering on a luxurious treatment and kicking back to relax. Because why go out, when you can stay in?