I wanna be adorned

Got a new daith piercing, or some killer statement studs for your lovely lobes? Show off your sound receivers with Lockonego London’s new Ear Candy Styling Menu for your hair

Heatwave braided bun

Summer slick

Any cursory glance across Instagram will illustrate the social media worth of a statement earring (we swear that’s why US jeweller Maria Tash launched her piercing palace in London’s iconic Liberty). At Milan Fashion Week, catwalks were practically heaving at the weight of the earrings on show (we’re looking at you, Versace and Dolce!). Put simply, ears are IN.

So if you’ve spent your sterling piercing up a storm, you’ll want to show off that bling. Enter stage right statement hair from Chelsea favourites Lockonego London and its Ear Candy styling menu, perfect for those with exhibitionistic ears and look-at-me lobes adorned.

Sideshow bob

Using iconic backstage styling products from Redken, Lockonego co-founder Jonny Long has created a menu of inspirational styles that are adaptable to  any hair texture and length. There are four looks that will give your ear the exposure that it’s jewels deserve, with prices starting from £35.

But what to choose? Supermodel Sweep is inspired by the ‘90s Super (which you know we love), a deep side parting with undone luxe waves exposing your one-sided ear candy, while Summer Slick is a contrasting collaboration – wet upfront, dry, and textured at the back, with hair tucked behind both ears to display adorned lobes.

The Heatwave Braided Bun is a ‘3-in-1’ updo pinned into place with jewels on show, while Sideshow Bob celebrates a classic blunt bob cut with personality. Time to get your rocks on…

Supermodel sweep