How to make your hair stronger

You’ll know if your hair is weak – that familiar snapping sound as you run your brush through it, the ragged, thin strands and brittle texture. When you haven’t seen your hairdresser in so long it’s not exactly surprising either. It makes your hair both look and feel far from its best, but luckily there is hope. We got the lowdown on how weak hair happens, how to fix it and how to keep your hair lovely and strong between appointments.

how to strengthen weak hair

“Anything from a bad diet, overuse of heat and exposure to harsh elements and of course not drinking enough water all contribute to weak hair”, explains Anya Dellicompagni, managing director of the Francesco Group. Tina Farey, editorial director of Rush Hair agrees that hair can become weak easily for many reasons. “Exposure to harsh natural elements such as severe cold, wind, rain or even hot climates, the misuse and overuse of colour and also from not caring properly. Different lifestyles add different difficulties to maintaining hair and can result in it becoming very fragile very easily.” 

And growing older won’t help, sadly – and neither will the often overzealous styling regimes that go along with it. “Hair will become weak as you get older, and using a lot of different products over time can weaken the hair,” says Neil Barton, founder of Neil Barton Hairdressing.

“I would recommend using Goldwell Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask,” says Neil. “This is a wonder product and is great for weak hair as it includes Keratin and Liquid Silk meaning it smooths the hair for long-lasting manageability, control and shine. It is great for unmanageable, weak hair. Another DIY tip is to apply coconut oil as a hair mask twice a week if the hair feels very weak.” Find your nearest Goldwell salon here.

“I advise using a deep conditioning treatment once a week to begin with, in order to inject key nutrients and moisture back into the hair and really give it a new lease of life,” says Tina. “One of my favourite masques is Kérastase Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Fins. This is absolutely incredible and is infused with glucose proteins, which replenishes the hairs fibres.” 

“A great tip when using masks is to apply the product, wrap the hair in clingfilm and sleep with it on. This will generate heat and allow the product to real get into the hair and provide maximum exposure,” recommends Anya. 

But rejuvenation doesn’t stop with products – the way you treat your hair is absolutely key to bringing it back to its former glory, and making sure it stays there.

“Don’t forget that your lifestyle habits can impact your hair,” Neil explains. “One of my main suggestions which is simple is to improve diet habits, ditch the sugar and load up on chicken and eggs which provide protein. Not only are they good for your gut and skin but hair too as they also help the scalp as well as add shine.”

“Avoid overusing heated appliances!” Anya says. “We all love our straighteners but you must ensure that you apply a heat defence spray and are really careful not to use too much heat.”

“Regular trips to the salon are a must, if possible,” advises Tina. “It allows the experts to put together a hair plan, looking at the best way to nourish and replenish the hair.”

Follow these rules, and your hair will be fighting fit in no time!