How to master the sweetheart braid

Multi-braiding at the nape of the neck? Easier than it looks, says hair stylist Lacey Hunter-Felton


laceysweetheartbraid_sbs01Step 1: Part your hair from your crown (where the top of your head starts curving backwards) to the nape of your neck. Divide into two even sections.

Step 2: Starting with one sections, split the hair into three, and split the middle section into three again (French plait coming up).Start plaiting your central trio but every time you take an outer section over into the middle, pick up some hair from the left or right to take with it. Sounds complicated but once you start to do it you’ll see how easy it is.



Step 3: Now it’s time to fasten your braid, but hairbands will just get in the way with this look, so backcomb the ends firmly until they feel secure and that will keep your plait in place instead. Now repeat all of that on the other side with the other section of hair.


Step 4: Next up, take a plait from one side and fold it in half against the back of your head, tucking the end neatly underneath.Pin firmly in place (for extra staying power, choose grips with a matte texture and mist with hairspray just before using – it’s what all the pro’s do).



Step 5: Double up the braid by folding it in half, and manoeuvre into position just above the first.Tuck the end neatly underneath and pin firmly in place.


And then you’re done and ready to rock your braid!