Feeling green? How to know if your hairdresser gets the eco thumbs up

It’s undeniable: going green is officially cool. Admitting you cared about the environment once meant you were a bit of a hippie, but now that’s all changed – we’re all doing our best to be smart and switched on about the impact we have on the world. But how do you ensure your beauty routine is kind to the earth?

Well, you can check if your hairdresser is a certified Sustainable Stylist – and if they’re not, then you can encourage them to become one. The Sustainable Stylist programme was started off by Dr Denise Baden from the University of Southampton, who realised the impact hairdressing salons could have on the environment. Stylists can apply to be awarded the certificate based on their efforts to cut waste and save energy – since its launch in October 2016, more than 500 stylists have been given the green light.

And for salons who have at least half of their staff awarded the Sustainable Stylist certificate, there is the Sustainable Salon certificate. This shows that they have made sustainable choices such as switching to a renewable energy supplier, saving water, using recyclable towels, reducing colour waste, using tepid rather than hot water, recycling, using low-energy lighting and electrical tools, and picking products containing sustainable palm oil.

Search for your closest Sustainable Salon here, or ask your hairdresser if they’ve been awarded the certificate – and if not, encourage them to get on it! Because getting your hair done feels even better when you know it’s kind to the planet, right?