How to do festival hair – without being basic

Festival season is on the horizon and there’s endless hair-spiration on Insta! Flowers crowns may be a thing of the past, but there’s still plenty of styling ideas to try. We chatted to some top hair stylists to get their thoughts…


Image: @ghdhair


“Hair rings were a huge trend at Coachella with a variety of styles shown across the weekend being adorned with metallic rings. Whether they were delicate and intricate rings which were woven into braids, added along partings or worked into the centre piece of the style to grab attention, there’s plenty of ways to play with hair rings this year.”

– Samantha Cusick, Samantha Cusick London 


Sparkle On

“Glitter buns aren’t ideal for everyday life, but a festival is the perfect time to indulge in some sparkle. Part hair centrally and pull back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Begin to wrap the length of the hair around the hairband until a bun forms and pin in place with grips. Don’t aim for perfection with this style; this is cool-girl hair at its easiest. Adorn by drizzling a little hair oil along your parting and sprinkling with glitter.”

– Lidia Patrizia, stylist at Blue Tit Brixton


Image: @ghdhair

Smile and wave

“Effortless, loose waves are an evergreen trend – it ALWAYS looks good. Soft waves that fall around the face and over the shoulders for a carefree and effortless appearance dominated the crowds at Coachella. Break the mould and forget about pristine perfection – let effortless styling be your staple this festival season.”

Samantha Cusick, Samantha Cusick London 


Image: @nakhair

Try a topknot

“For festivals it’s always about looks that are super easy to create (often without a proper mirror, if you’re camping) and look great. The topknot is perfect and can look as effortless and textured or as sleek as you desire. I would backcomb a high ponytail and twist it until the hair forms a bun, secure with pins and finish with a spritz of hairspray to allow the hairstyle to last well into the night. Add brains for added style.”

– Dylan Brittain, artistic director and owner of Rainbow Room International George Square


Image: @ghdhair 

Add extensions

“Braids are a low maintenance, care-free style that’s perfect for festivals. The traditional braided styles can be updated with flashes of entwined candy-coloured extensions – clip-ins or tape extensions can be used to add thickness and length to ensure your braids are bold and stand-out.”

– Angela Mason, owner of Angela Mason Hair Extensions salon


Image: TIGI 

Fighting talk

“Warrior boxer braids are about looking and feeling strong. These aren’t any braids, they’re braids with attitude. It’s the ultimate festival look to get your adrenaline working, giving you energy until the last moment.”

– Anthony Mascolo, creative director TIGI


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