How to do crazy colours… but *classy*

Make sure your new pink hair is more ethereal than emo and more peachy than punky with these expert tips


So, you’re ready to take the plunge. That pink/purple/green/blue hue has been at the forefront of your mind for a while now, and you can’t stop thinking about how much brighter life would be with rainbow hair. Now, we hate to burst your bubble, but we need to get serious with you for a second. Hair goes through some serious processes to get it to a stage of unicorn perfection, and needs to be done right to avoid the same pitfalls as your box-dyed emo phase.

“Rainbow colours are more accepted now than ever before, but what’s the line between modern, sassy hair and the pictures of you in your Nirvana shirt when you were 14?” asks Patrick Marrow, owner of HIVE Manchester and Crazy Color brand ambassador. “The answer is simple – a clean, well-conditioned base.”


And to ensure this, you need to enlist the help of a professional – someone who knows how to maintain your hair’s health and keep it looking gorgeous. “Bright, rainbow-like hair colour is super on trend at the moment and can look very sophisticated if done correctly and applied by a professional and not by yourself at home!” says Dylan Brittain, Schwarzkopf Professional UK ambassador, international artistic director, and owner of Rainbow Room International George Square salon. “A hairdresser will be able to make sure all areas of your hair are covered and will also be able to provide you with advice on what bright hair colour will suit your skin tone best, as warm skin and cool skin tones will suit different bright, rainbow hair colour shades.”

“I always advise visiting a reputable colour salon for any colour services so you know that you will be in capable hands. If you’re feeling too nervous to opt for a bright hair colour shade you can also ask your hairdresser for advice on what pastel and metallic shades would suit you best. They are a bit more subtle but will still provide you with that rainbow-like hair colour, especially if you choose to mix a couple together to give your hair a unicorn-like finish.”


Alternatively, opting for a non-permanent rainbow colour will help you avoid pesky problems such as regrowth, fade and damage. There are so many different options now – in fact, the Layered Online team tested the Kevin Murphy Color Bug, JOICO InstaTint and KMS STYLECOLOR, and you can read our review here. “Crazy Color Pastel Sprays are excellent for super fast (two to three wash) fade and have a five fab colours,” suggests Patrick, while RUSK colour mousses are a non messy option in four bright shades. Then there are the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Blush washes, that are an in-shower option. And when you’re bored of your temporarily crazy colour, a good cleansing shampoo will wash away all your sins – until you want to try a different shade.