How to do boxer braids

Boxer braids are still going immensely strong for 2017. Just check out #boxerbraids on Instagram to see them in all their glory. But how do you do them? We got Matthew Sutcliffe, a session stylist who’s a bit whizz-bang at braiding to show us how. And the good news is, they are really easy (honest) AND once you’ve got them in place, they’ll stay put for days. That’s right. Days. That’s what we call getting your wear out of a look.

Here’s how to do a knockout boxer braid
Matthew Sutcliffe boxer braidsLightly spray hair down with water. This will help you get control of the hair when braiding and give you a bit more grip and tension in the hair.
Matthew Sutcliffe boxer braidsUsing a tail comb, part the hair down the middle and then create two further sections on each side. You want the sections on the outsides to be slightly bigger than the section running down the centre. Look at the picture to see what I mean!
Matthew Sutcliffe boxer braidsTaking sections from the side, French plait each section. Instead of pulling the hair under, take it over. This makes the plait sit on the top of your hair and makes it look more obvious. Put a sectioning grip in the plait when you reach just above the nape of the neck
Matthew Sutcliffe boxer braidsTake the sectioning grips away, combine all the hair together and then do a regular three strand braid down the length of the hair. Then repeat all of that on the other side.
Matthew Sutcliffe boxer braidsSecure the ends with clear elastics and gently massage the plaits so they look plumper and more uniform. You can also use a little serum to take any fluffy or flyaway hairs around the hairline and at the back of the neck.
Matthew Sutcliffe boxer braidsAnd that’s your finished boxer braid look. This is a really durable style so your braids could last a few days. They’ll get a bit messier as you sleep on that but I kinda like that.