How to cut your long hair without losing any length

Not everyone understands what having long hair is all about. For those with it, it’s acts like a security blanket that they can – quite literally – hide behind. It’s taken time and effort to grow and care for it and keep it looking good. But someone who does understand is Layered Online’s SJ.

“My new year’s resolution has been the same for the last two years: to grow my hair as long as possible. And thanks to hair supplements (Viviscal), good quality shampoo and conditioner (mainly Pureology and Redken), decent brushes that don’t snag or pull (Tangle Teezer) my hair is currently resting halfway down my back. However, recently I have spied some absolute stonker split ends and knew there was only one thing for it. A haircut. Like all long-haired lovelies out there, the idea of having any length taken off my hair is repellent. However, if those split ends weren’t snipped off soon they would be ripping all the way up to the follicle and if there’s one thing I don’t want, it’s ratty looking long hair. That’s the worst. I heard that ghd’s UK brand ambassador Zoe Irwin is a long-hair afficionado, so I found out her five top tips for how to get your precious, long hair cut without wanting to sob into your complimentary cappuccino.”


Don’t get your hair cut at the bottom

I created a cutting technique, ‘The Model Cut’ specifically for long haired models that needed a cut but couldn’t lose any length. I take small sections of dry hair, gently twist them and only snip off the split ends that appear. There is no point just getting the ends of your hair trimmed as that’s not where all your split ends are – they travel up the hair so you need to make sure they’re cut off at the source. By doing that your hair will sit flatter and look longer.



Find a hairdresser that’s sympathetic

Hair is an emotional thing so you need to find a stylist that understands how important having long hair is to you, and that can take time. There’s nothing worse then a hairdresser saying they’re only going to trim your hair and then they hack off inches; they have instantly lost your trust and it can leave you emotionally scarred. If you’re really nervous about having your long hair trimmed and don’t have a go-to hair stylist that you trust, maybe pick the hairdresser in the salon who has the longest hair as she will probably relate most to you and your love for long hair



Slowly is best

If you do need some of the length cut off your hair ask your stylist to take it up in stages so you can see what it looks like along the way. That way you can decide when you want them to stop. This takes longer so when you book the appointment ask for a double appointment, explaining when you book it what you need doing. That way your stylist can take their time rather than feeling like they’ve got to rush because their next appointment is waiting.



Bodyshape is key

Everyone always talks about face shape and skin tone in reference to hair, which of course is important, but I think body shape is just as important when deciding on the ideal hair length. If you have a large bust that you don’t want to draw attention to then by having your hair longer it will help elongate your body. If you have large shoulders then you don’t want your hair to sit just on them because it will make them look bigger, by having your hair slightly longer down your back it will make them appear narrower.



Protect underneath

The underneath section of hair is the part that gets the most abuse. It gets rubbed by your top, coat, scarf, when you sleep etc. But it’s this part of your hair that will make it look and feel longer. Make sure you treat it gently, use lots of hair masks, try to avoid colouring it if possible and think about sleeping on a silk pillowcase to avoid too much friction. The GHD Advanced Split End Therapy, £19.95 is a must for long hair as it helps bind broken fibres together to strengthen fragile hair and stronger hair, means longer hair. Use it every 5 washes before blow-drying and use a GHD IV hair styler to activate the ingredients.