How to choose the best hair style for your face shape

We’re not ones to tell you how to do (or not do) your hair, we believe in free styling rights here at Layered HQ. However, it is widely acknowledged that there are certain styles that flatter different face shapes better. And we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t tell you what they were so here goes.

Lets start with oval faces
Hair styles to suit oval face shapes
If you have an oval face, then lucky you! Oval is regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing shape to the eye. Kate Moss has an oval shaped face – need we say more. However there are still some styles that will suit better than others. A half up, half down style is a really great option as it will not only enhance your naturally perfect face shape (can you sense the bitterness) but also give you some texture and length around your neck.
Now onto those with square faces
Shapes to suit square faces
The key is to build volume at the sides of the face and have some hair falling around the jawline. Both of these elements will help soften the squarishness. Stumped for an idea, how about this gorgeous side plait. Easy to do but super effective. And don’t worry if you don’t have Rapunzel-like long hair, clip in some hair extensions to fake it.
How about those with heart shaped faces?
Hair styles for heart shaped faces
Heart shape faces are also really lucky when it comes to the aesthetically pleasing face shapes stakes, as the pointed chin, high cheekbones and rounded forehead work with nearly all hair styles. Therefore you can let your face do all the talking and sweep your hair back and away into a sleek pony and swish away.
Last but not least, round faces
Hair styles for round face shapes
 It’s all about picking a style that will create the illusion that your face is slightly longer and leaner so to do that you need lots of texture around the top of your head. A messy pony or top knot will do the trick nicely. Plus they’re quick and easy to do which is a double-result.