How Cottagecore became THE 2020 hair trend

Dreaming of leaving the city behind and living a Little House on the Prairie lifestyle? We look at how Cottagecore hair trends became the iconic vibe for 2020

You can blame Taylor Swift and her instantly iconic album folklore, and its follow up evermore, but the truth is Cottagecore hair has been bubbling under for a while, ready to stake its claim in the cultural zeitgeist.

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So, let’s break it down – what exactly IS Cottagecore? It’s described generally as ‘an aesthetic inspired by a romanticised interpretation of western agricultural life, centred on ideas around a more simple life and harmony with nature’. Sound familiar? Picture ditsy-print floral dresses, puffy sleeves, unstructured denim, soft colour palettes, embroidery and ruffles as far as the eye can see… you get the gist.

This aesthetic has been bubbling away for years, but the combination of the global pandemic and an over-saturated modern lifestyle has kicked things up a notch. Suddenly we’re craving fresh air, birdsong, old cardigans… simpler times.

What’s been Cottagecore’s effect on hair trends? Everything from romantic braids, seen at Fashion Weeks back in February, through to this summer’s (forced) acceptance of hair’s natural texture, colour and the imperfect nature of it all – we’ve seen it all rise to the surface.

For your Cottagecore starter pack, you need just a few things. First up, our brilliant Braid Glossary, with tips and how-to videos on how to create all sorts of dreamy up-dos. Go full Tay-Tay with a braided headband tutorial, or a romantic waterfall braid tutorial.

Next, texture sprays – to create that piece-y texture that sings ‘I just went for a brisk walk on the wild moors to collect wildflowers’.

Redken Windblown 05 Dry Finishing Spray is perfect for a lighter take on texture sprays. It gives you the volume and airy texture without the thicker grit that can weigh hair down. You can play and re-mould as you go for hours of flexible fullness.

amika UN.DONE Volume and Matte Texture Spray gives you more of a stronger hold if your hair is already a bit wilder by nature. This matte and salt-free formula is a real winner. It contains rice starch to absorb oil and add texture, while sea buckthorn berry helps to keep hair from getting too dehydrated.

Finally, Hair By Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texturising Spray. No, it’s not cheap, but you know it’s so good! This is basically hair king Sam McKnight’s signature effortless, nonchalant styling in a can. It leaves an almost matte-sheen finish to the hair and is so lightweight that it never looks too ‘done’. (Also it smells like perfume, we’re sold.)

Finish off your look with some cute accessories – floral-themed, ideally, although velvet scrunchies and silk scarves are also approved – and you’re well on your way to living the Cottagecore life.